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A Princess of Mars

“Wotcha figure’s on the surface right above us?” asked Kaylee, looking up almost one hundred feet to the domed ceiling of the cavern.
Malus furrowed his brow as he calculated their potential location. “We chased that child for about twenty minutes on a roughly north by northeast angle from beneath The Gangplank.” he replied. “However that second tunnel made several cutbacks. I’d calculate we’re under Clockhaven still.” He paused before adding with a little smirk, “Beneath Market Square to be precise.”
“Betchya all your quatloos if we’re gonna find Mr. Emerson’s cavorite it’ll be in that aethership.” said Kaylee as she approached the copper-plated vessel. “We have to get it back!’ she added. “Or else this ship will kill a lot of people when it launches.”

Malus, followed close behind, drawing his sword as a precautionary move. As they rounded the ship they came upon a ladder rising to an open hatch located about three quarters of the way up the vessel’s side.

Kaylee reached for the ladder gripping one of the rungs. She then turned to glance at Malus. He nodded, then looked around the cavern searching for any signs of danger. Kaylee began ascending to the hatch. After she had climbed roughly halfway, Malus sheathed his sword and began the climb behind her.

“I’m goin’ inside.” Kaylee called down upon reaching the top.  Malus quickened his pace soon joining her inside the aethership.

“Wouldja lookit!” Kaylee said in quiet astonishment. “It’s friggin’ amazing.” The two Gangplankers looked around the interior of the vessel. Lavish furnishings filled the room which was illuminated by the same phosphorescent material that lit the interior of the great cavern. A polished mahogany railing lined three quarters of the room’s perimeter, leaving space on one side for an array of dials, levers and gauges. In the center of the room was a spiral staircase, made of the same polished mahogany as the railing, providing access to decks both above and below.  

What wealth or power is responsible for this? thought Malus as he crossed the room to study the many dials and gauges. “This must be the control centre.” he said to Kaylee as she peered over his shoulder.

“How d’ya think this ship got here?” she asked.

“That is simple.” an exoctically accented voice replied from behind them. “It was built here.”

Startled, they spun to face a woman who was standing midway up the staircase. But for some garish jewellry, the woman wore no clothing. She was petite, almost girlish though there was something about her presence that projected a sense of great age. Her skin was like a vibrant copper penny, the reddish tinge a perfect contrast to her thick coal-black hair which was worn loose about the shoulders. She radiated with an almost hypnotic sensuality. Malus had been reaching for his sword but hesitated as the woman raised what he assumed to be a pistol and took aim at his chest.

“Not only do you sneak into property which does not belong to you,” said the woman exchanging an equal measure of eye-contact with both Kaylee and Malus, “but you threaten me as well? Is that befitting treatment of a princess of Mars?”

Malus continued to handle the hilt of his sword. “My last girlfriend was a princess.” he said with a perfected tone of teenage indifference. “I’m Martin Malus.”

”And my name is Kaylee Faulkner.” said Kaylee, standing beside Malus. “We didn’ mean to intrude nor trespass nor nothing else of the sort.”

The copper-woman smiled. “Are you armed Miss Faulkner?” she asked.

“Of course, ma’am.” replied Kaylee.

The Martian princess’s smile was genuine. “I like you Kaylee Faulkner however I will relieve you of your weapon. I am sorry.” The princess glanced sideways at Malus. “And your young servant shall have to unhand his sword in my presence.”  

The woman descended the remaining steps and crossed the floor, stopping about two yards before them, pistol still levelled at Malus’s chest. She couldn’t have stood above five feet in height and yet there was something compelling about her presence. “My name is Dejah Thoris.” she said. “Of the great city-state of Psilocybe of the planet Mars. You are now my prisoners.” She touched a series of jewels she wore on a bracelet around her right wrist. Suddenly the door to the rocket through which Malus and Kaylee had entered moments earlier, shut with a series of clicks, appearing to hiss as it sealed.

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  1. Brother Malus Brother Malus September 6, 2012

    Did she say what I think she said???

  2. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra September 7, 2012

    ^ ^

    Mars Needs Malus?

    Kaylee, Princess of Mars?

    Hmm. This has possibilities.

  3. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire September 7, 2012

    Perhaps Kaylee will get royal privileges. *snickers* And her manservant might be in a loincloth before the day is out. This gets better and better…


    • Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn September 8, 2012

      Why do all of Emerson’s adventures end with someone in a loincloth?

      • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse September 8, 2012

        Actually, they end with sarongs not loincloths – I do have some modesty…

        *hopes no one remembers the speedo incident*


        • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg September 8, 2012

          *reminds Emerson of the Sheena suit*


          • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse September 8, 2012

            You’re right! Can we blame the Sheena suit on King Malus?


            • Junie Ginsburg Junie Ginsburg September 8, 2012


              That is what happens when a teenage man-boy becomes the king of a jungle island.

            • Brother Malus Brother Malus September 8, 2012

              I thought she wore it very well.

  4. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh September 8, 2012

    Wot ‘appens when THIS fella shows up?


    • Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse September 8, 2012

      They’re running around beneath Clockhaven as we speak!


      • Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh September 8, 2012

        Alas, poor Brother Malus …

      • Brother Malus Brother Malus September 8, 2012

        Is this why the Old Quarter is quarantined?

    • Kaylee Frye Kaylee Frye September 8, 2012

      Two metal arms beats 4 fleshy ones any day!  I’ll punch ’em in their big ugly faces.

      • Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh September 9, 2012

        Eh, could be I ‘spose if I ever tackle rigging..  Someone asked for a Frazetta-style Thark a few years back.

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