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Doctor Cyberusfaustus

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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”Below is an addendum to the Profile for this Character Dr. Cyberfaustus based upon the format for Known Information established in Sky Melnik’s post: Well what do you know? pt.1

==What the general public might know:==
Dr. Cyberusfaustus owned a tower shop in Clockhaven square which he purchased from Mrs. Tripsa shortly after his arrival in New Babbage. He is a rather formal continental gentleman from Germany, although he seems well traveled. Few know him by first name, but those who have inquired have been given varying answers. He seems to answer to Johann, Georg, Wilhelm, and Heinrich among other names. Apparently having studied at Heidelberg, it is presumed that this is where he received his Doctorate or Doctorates, but what exactly his Doctorates are in is unclear. From the shop he offers counseling under the business named ‘Alchemic Agility’.  Most remained puzzled as to his actual work. He also runs a fencing salle and the absinthe parlor ‘Vrai Vert’ on the lower level of the tower shop. This raises further questions about what his true focus is.

From his clocktower he can often be seen to be launching several different airships, so he appears to be a man of some means with a passion for this lighter than air craze. He does own a mechanical set of wings for his personal use. He can often be found strolling or flying through town taking samples, performing experiments, or attempting to solve some mystery. When strolling through town he usually carries a cane and by the way which he handles it, it is likely that it is more than just a decorative accessory.

Due to the recent unpleasantness with that Henri Metier  fellow, the Doctor has enlisted in the Militia.

==What a scientist might know:==
While the Doctor seems to embrace the use of modern technology and scientific practices, many of his devices and instruments seem to be of more ancient design – bearing some resemblance to the technology found in the AP&E building. He does seem to have a good deal of understanding of the natural sciences, particularly chemistry and biology. He also seems to be somewhat of a clacker.

==What a doctor might know:==
He sometimes helps out at the hospital, but as yet is not a staff physician. His methods are sometimes odd: a mixture of antiquated folk remedies and knowledge of things we have only yet begun to guess at – however, he gets results and seems truly concerned with the total well being of those in his care.
While having a decent general background in medicine, his particular areas of focus seem to be chemistry, psychology, and sometimes he speaks of the new field of bacteriology as if it were common knowledge.

==What an alchemist might know:==
He appears to have discovered the philosopher’s stone. It is rumored that he has produced a large quantity of the substance and hidden it somewhere in New Babbage. He clearly has an understanding of the fifth element as he not only observes the aether but seems capable of manipulating it. He seems to restrict his alchemical activities these days to the area of botanical distillation and internal alchemy of the psyche.

==What a Catholic priest or deacon might know:==
The Doctor’s relationship with the Church is long and turbulent. He was born in the 15th century and developed an impatient thirst for knowledge. Having studied all that was possible at that time in academia – including theology, law, canon law, metaphysics and political philosophy among other areas, he longed for more transcendental knowledge. Rather than having the patience to enter the life of a Mystic suggested by his confessor, he turned to the Arts illegal under Canon Law. By his flagrant engagement in this pursuit and his vanity in assuming himself fit to spar with demons on his own merit, he was condemned by the Church. He made himself an enemy of the Church when he corrupted several innocents and through diabolic dealings trifled with the balance of creation for his pursuit of knowledge. Ultimately he was brought to see the folly of his ways and through Divine mercy, was spared his deserved damnation – the activities of his later years having been focused on more positive and charitable pursuits despite the origin of his powers. After this revelation, he turned to the Church for guidance in how he should proceed. In atonement for his sins and in order to put an end to his old ways, his death was faked. The Lord apparently granted him the continued use of the powers he acquired during his diabolic tenure provided they be used in the service of the good.

As such, while he is forbidden to ‘read’ the elements directly to divine knowledge he may use or manipulate the five elements, as any scientist might, to acquire knowledge or fulfill a task His experiences in time and with the supernatural give him a bit of an edge in this however. He therefore uses several instruments which help him channel his command of the elements to this end. Command of the elements also extends to control of the dimensions of the mortal realm, including time. Since this has been a source of temptation to him in the past, he is forbidden to travel up and down the temporal continuum for his own business. He has been sent to this time in New Babbage to serve the Good, to observe, and where possible, to help the citizens of New Babbage avoid the mistakes he made himself in his vain pursuit of knowledge. The Church has also asked him to investigate the apparent rise in diabolic activity and to give succor and charitable aid to the citizens of New Babbage as a counter.

Due to this, the Doctor can be trusted to aid in charitable activities or to give sanctuary to the faithful who might find themselves oppressed by the dogma of a scientific society. Given his previous activities, however, the Doctor is to be watched for signs of giving in to his old weaknesses. Pride, Lust of knowledge – these seem to be his key vices.

==What an angel or demon might know:==
Demons hate him. He is viewed as a cheat, who escaped the terms of the contract for his soul due to the meddling of the pompous Creator. When the Doctor’s corruption was identified, a devil by the name of Mephistopheles was charged with bringing him in and was disgraced when he failed to due so. There is a promise of reward out to any demon who can bring the Doctor’s soul to ruin, but since his conversion back to the obeisant ranks of the ‘Light and Servitude’ side no further corruption has yet been detected which would give rise to another ‘warrant’ for his soul. As such, a collection would have to be done the old fashioned way – through temptation and the final willful surrender of his soul. Pride, Impatience and his guilt driven softness for helping innocents might be used against him. Also, he has never really developed a natural sense for detecting their true nature when they manifest in other forms, but he might guess at it based upon his dealings with others in the past or he might use one of his instruments to discern it.

The angelic choirs sometimes have a good natured chuckle about the Doctor. His foolishness is so typical among humans – humans are also graced with so much natural potential, that the Lord can bring about Good from even some of their most ridiculous activities. They keep an eye on him and are supposed to keep the demons at bay so that the Doctor can perform his service to the Lord. The angels are aware that while he understands the general terms of his particular mission, he is fuzzy about the ‘how’ and often stumbles about a bit. This is intended for his own edification. They help him out when appropriate but they also do like to play little pranks on him from time to time, just to keep his pride in check and remind him that he will never know everything.

==Other supernatural beings (including Time Lords):==
Due to his dabbling in the occult and his sporadic timeline, not many of the supernatural beings have not heard of ‘Dr. Faustus’ in one of his myriad aliases. This being said, an individual from a particular race may be more or less willing to interact with him depending on when in his journey the stories they have heard come from. Generally, beings from the days of ancient Greece are favorable to him depending upon their disposition toward Troy – his having sired a son by Helen. The mer-folk in particular are generally on friendly speaking terms with the Doctor, but still hold him with some suspicion as they do all land-dwellers.

==What a lady may know:==
The Doctor is fiercely devoted to the fairer sex. While always a gentleman, he does go beyond the norm when he believes an innocent female is in danger. Those who have spent time in his company know that this is the residual scar of regret from some past relationship and its apparent unfortunate outcome. While his penchant for jumping to a ladies rescue may seem paternalistic, those who know him realize that he has a great deal of respect for women and simply sees it part of his duty to preserve and protect the feminine as a treasure of society.

==What an urchin may know:==
The Doctor is a proper gentleman. A’ways treats us wit respect he does. Calls us ‘Master’ and ‘Miss’ he does. We do luv the cheese ee puts out, but he is a’ways after us about ‘High Jeans’ and tryin’ to get us to bathe. Ee does offer to teach any of us to read who wants it, and lets us look at most of his books. There are some pretty frightful pictures in some o ’em tho. He doesn’t let us play with his kemi-street set. Some of us think that the little Saleemander he keeps was an urchin who once mucked about with something ee shouldn’t have. He has some strange guests and ‘pets’ – particularly that bloke in the jar – Albertus we think ‘ee calls ‘im.

He doesn’t feel too kindly towards ’em “Blundering Dagonites” as he calls ’em. But not for the reason they would think. ‘ee says that they are playin’ with stuff they ‘ave no understanding’ uv – the things they call to bein’ merely the pets of folk like ‘is old ‘friend’ Mr. M. Judgin’ by the ‘folk’ ‘ee deals with, we think they must still be pretty scary. Mostly ‘ee is ‘fraid they is going to open up a door for the demons to have more sway in New Babbage.

The Doctor, ‘ee seems to ‘ave lotsuv old enemies – ‘Ee does’nt seek new uns, but new uns find ‘im they do. Mostly, ‘ee is kind to all ‘ee meets – ’til they cross him.

==What a cat might know:==
Silly Doctor, we could have told him that poodle was a demon… he should have asked! Well at least he learned to respect us when he was in Egypt.

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