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In 2009, in response to continued rumblings of political tensions between the Steamlands and a spike in air pirate activity, Clockwinder Tenk instructed Maceholder Cleanslate to re-establish the New Babbage Militia. Order Number 1369 was issued, establishing a call for commanders to organize their own brigades.

:”WHEREAS we the Citizens of New Babbage have perceived a growing Threat to our City –
:from Evil Geniuses, Pirates, and Other Groups with Malicious Intent (aka OGMI),
:BE IT RESOLVED THEREFORE, the New Babbage should create a Volunteer Militia, to be
:Mustered whenever the Peace of the City should be opposed or the execution thereof
:obstructed by combinations too powerful to be suppressed by other means…”

The New Babbage militia serves to defend the City from all foreign entities who would threaten its survival, protect its legitimate commercial interests abroad, and enforce the writ of the City against those who would subvert them.

There are four branches of the militia: the Volunteers, the Horse Guard, the Naval Militia, and the Aero(Aether) Corps. Each branch is the responsibility of a Captain. Enrollment in the militia generally is open to the public. Officer commissions are issued to landowning militia members who have demonstrated their commitment to the militia over time. Individuals wishing to receive commissions must be nominated by a serving officer in good standing, and be confirmed by Clockwinder Tenk. Officers are only official if their name and rank appear in the official Babbage community pages.

==Vessels and Equipment==
Builders wishing to display the official New Babbage Militia designation on their vessels or equipment may do so at any time, provided that a copy or usable version is made available to the militia free of charge. Please consult with a Captain for details.

The militia is supposed to be a fun way to RP. It is not a police force or an excuse to grief others in any way, either in Babbage or elsewhere. In the past, individuals purporting to represent the Babbage armed forces have caused significant problems on the grid, with negative ramifications to the City and its residents. This will not be tolerated. Militia members engaging in RP or actual intimidation (whether in uniform or otherwise) will be expelled from the militia and possibly banned from Babbage or reported to the Lindens.

It is for this reason that officer commissions are distributed to landowners only, and only upon personal recommendation from a serving officer. Prior to obtaining a commission, militia members are expected to participate in roleplay and other functions while displaying appropriate behavior.

==Historical Announcements==

===Attention Babbagers!===
By order of his honor, Clockwinder Tenk, the New Babbage Volunteer Militia has officially formed by Maceholder Cleanslate.

The New Militia is open to any able-bodied Landowner or Registered Resident. Militia members must be patriotic, willing to oppose evil, and will be expected to Muster when Summoned.

Members of the Militia are organized into several companies, and each company is headed by a captain. It is with great humility that I have accepted the commission offered by the Maceholder, and am now serving as one of the captains in the new Militia.
Be advised that a Woman’s Brigade has also been formed, and is captained by Beq Janus.
Further more, be advised that a Ning group entitled The New Babbage Volunteer Militia has been formed
In addition, a SL group of the same name has also been created. IM Wiggy Undertone, Beq Janus, or Aeolus Cleanslate to join this group.
Stand with us and defend your homeland!

===Attention Babbagers and Aethernauts, (and anyone not afraid of flying)!!===

Stand up and be counted for the Defense of our City-State!

I have accepted a Comission from Mr. Cleanslate and Clockwinder Tenk to lead the Aether Division of our Volunteer Militia, anyone who would like to join us in DEFENDING our fair sooty skies should contact Captain Kyle Oller either in-world or via ning.

Control of the skies above Babbage is VITAL to successful defense, all Aether Corps members will be required to answer the call to fight at any moment, very soon we will be outfitting Aether Corps members with Airships fit to do battle, troop transports, torpedo ornithopters, gunships, and a one man anti personel airship are currently in the works! Anyone with experience building such vessels should also contact Kyle Oller should they be interested.

===Babbagers UNITE! Help defend your homeland!===
Babbagers! Rumblings of activity from the other Steamlands continue to reach our ears here in our fair City. As Maceholder, I am not content to stand idly by while they gather their strength and gaze covetously at our Works.

It is therefore my privilege to announce the readiness of the New Babbage Naval Militia to respond to any Threat or Challenge. Commodore Jedburgh Dagger has accepted a commission and will command our first Battle Flotilla. Captains Wirefly, Merryman, and Twine – and your humble Maceholder – are actively engaged in Sea Trials for vessels of their design and manufacture.

Join Us! Individuals wishing to join the Naval Militia should contact Maceholder Cleanslate by IM or via the Ning to receive the provisional rank of Ensign, a uniform, and the right to command vessels in the name of the City.

Contribute your original vessel! The Naval Militia operates a mixed fleet of vessels, contributed by Citizens, in a manner tailored to respond to a variety of needs. Our Industry has responded to the Call with a massive shipbuilding program. All manner of new Vessels are sliding into the Vernian, with increasing rapidity, and our Master Shipbuilders are gaining in knowledge of their Craft at lightning speed.

If you would like to contribute your original vessel – for the use of any qualified Captain at the discretion of the Commodore – please do so. Contact Maceholder Cleanslate to receive your official naval insignia, a naval jack, and the opportunity to christen your vessel at our provisional shipyard in Port Babbage.

Show your support! Members of the Naval Militia often represent their city on Thursdays at Port Merrimac and at other times to be announced. (We fight better with an audience.)

As always, Babbage we will extend the gladly extend the hand of cooperation to its Friends. We welcome to opportunity to engage in collegial Exercises and Scrimmages. But make no mistake – Babbage shall not shy away from Defending our City, on sea, land, or in the air.
===Militia Headquarters===
(May 17, 2009)
I am pleased to announce that finishing touches are being placed upon the New Babbage Volunteer Militia headquarters building located in Wheatstone Waterways. The new headquarters features brick and marble construction, and has a jail cell that will securely hold four villains at a time.

Presently, an airship that is ICS 3 compatible is available at the Militia Headquarters to all members of the Militia. Other Militia items, such as weapons and uniforms, will also be placed at the Militia Headquarters.

It is just and fitting that this new headquarters building is located on the land that was formerly occupied by Undertone’s Barber Shop, which was utterly destroyed by the fires of a heinous arsonist. This building is located directly across from Piermont Landing in Wheatstone.

The Militia Headquarters is in need of supplies and interior furnishings. If you have an old desk and chair, or weapons and uniforms, or anything else that may be of use, please contact me.

For those who have not yet joined the Militia, I have the following message:

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty! If you value freedom and liberty, and are willing to fight for the defense of our fair city, then COME FORTH NOW and join with the NEW BAGGAGE MILITIA!

All volunteers must be of fair and honest character, and not presently associated with any known villains, scoundrels, rogues, or harbor villainous intent toward the fair city of New Babbage. Contact one of the Militia Captains for recruitment.

The Militia has grown to approximately 30 members, and is composed of several brigades. The members of the Militia stand ready to oppose evil on land, sea, and Aether!

Naval Minister/Minister of Defense – Maceholder Aeolus Cleanslate

New Babbage Volunteer Defense Force – women’s brigade – Beq Janus

New Babbage Horse Guard – Gatsby Szuster

New Babbage Aether Corps – Jimmy Branagh

New Babbage Naval Militia – Jedburgh30 Dagger

EDIT – Added Jed as Naval Captain. Please forgive me if I’ve left anyone else out.

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