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Despite the city’s proximity to the sea, there is an extensive network of caverns under the northern sections of the city. What exactly is down there and how it works into the history of the city is an ongoing task of archeologists.

Victor Mornington found a slim volume discussing the structure of the underground in his library
* An Essay on New Babbage, The City with No Foundations

Sandhogs working to extend an underground rail line made some gristly discoveries under Clockhaven, which may have been tied to the legendary Dunsany Institution. Emerson Lighthouse and Junie Ginsburg also made a few discoveries of their own while exploring a sinkhole that had opened up under The Gangplank.
* Emerson Lighthouse and the Mushrooms of Mars

There are some ancient catacombs under the old quarter which can be accessed through an underground entrance in Clockhaven. Some of the families in the city still use them, rather than the more modern cemeteries.
* Bar Wars: A Ghastly Delivery

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