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Catherine Keenan

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Née Igaly, Catherine Keenan was Arthur Keenan‘s mother and Myrtil Igaly‘s aunt through her father Paul Igaly.

Catherine’s husband, Terrence Keenan, died accidentally sixteen years prior to her own death.

The accident happened while she was living in France with her brother Paul and their parents, as well as her husband and son.
Paul was an associate to Terrence Keenan and they were both brilliant airship pilots who enjoyed working on their engines, trying to find ways to make them fly faster and faster.
One day, they were both working in their hangar on a new technique, when something went wrong and an explosion occured, followed by a fire.
Something fell on Paul’s head during the fire and he went inconscious for a few minutes.
When he woke up, he found out that he had been somehow protected from the flames by the position he was in, and he found his brother-in-law laying in the middle of the room.
He crawled to him and sadly understood that he was dead.
He pulled Mr Keenan’s body outside of the hangar, coughing because of the smoke.
Catherine ran towards them and couldn’t believe her husband was dead.
She immediately blamed her brother for murdering her husband.

The grief was enough to push Catherine into madness, and she later tried to kill her brother.
After that murder attempt failed, Paul left and tried to find to work in New Babbage. There he met Evanna Macbeth and married her.

They both later died in an airship accident, along with their son.
Probabilities are that Catherine was behind it.

After learning that Myrtil was still alive, she [sent her son Arthur to New Babbage] to find her, murder her and steal her grand-father’s inheritance.

Catherine herself came to New Babbage after Arthur got shot dead by Jimmy Branagh and sequestered the young boy before [getting killed herself] in the explosion of Myrtil’s bakery.


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