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Myrtil Igaly

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Thirteen years old urchin living on the streets of New Babbage with all her friends, Myrtil is an orphan.

She lost her parents when she was five years old. Her father, Paul Igaly, was a French adventurous airship captain and her mother, Evanna Igaly (née Macbeth) an English biologist and inventor. They died, along with her older brother Zephyr, in a storm while they were flying above the Vernian Sea.

She had been left at a neighbour’s and as she had no other known family left and that her parents were not really rich, she was sent to the orphanage. Her parents and brother were buried in the cemetary along the Palisades wall.

Life wasn’t very happy there and Myrtil grew feeling like in prison. Sociable, she made some friends, but after a while, she decided she could no longer live in the orphanage and escaped.

She then found herself wandering in the streets of New Babbage and soon met a bunch of other urchins who brought her to the hideout in the attic of an old abandoned Imperial theatre where they lived.

Later, Myrtil met [ Arthur Keenan], who claimed to be her cousin on her father’s side and to have been looking for her everywhere to help her accomplish their grand-father Igaly’s last will of building a bakery in New Babbage.
It turned out Arthur was really after their grand-father’s inheritance and [ tried to kill Myrtil].
Eventually, her friend Jimmy Branagh shot Arthur dead.
Consecutively, Arthur’s mother, [ Catherine Keenan], the sister of Myrtil’s father, arrived in town and sequestered Jimmy to take revenge.
She died in the explosion of the “La Noisette” bakery after Jimmy managed to escape.

After surviving through several consecutive years of City-wide disasters, she found herself trapped on a Sky pirates ship for more than a year before eventually managing to escape and come back to New Babbage along with a sea pirate boy she met during ger adventures, [ Fly Copperfield].

Due to her becoming orphan rather late in life, she knows how to read and write, and, when she is not “selling roses” to unsuspecting tourists, she likes to spend time at the library, which gives her some odd brick and brock of knowledge. She dreams of becoming an airship pilot, like her father was, or a biologist, like her mother.

She is a member of the Thirteen and Below Club.

Myrtil is pretty much all the time accompanied by Jimmy.

Learn more on her blog.


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