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Canolli Capalini

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Ms. Capalini is the owner of Capalini Fine Furnishings, previously located in New Babbage Canals. She makes fine reproduction furniture, odds and ends, puzzle boxes and music boxes. She and her partner, Elfod Nemeth, have been with New Babbage for many years, seen 2 mayors, numerous events.. even had a couple of mysterious happenings in the R.F. Burton Library, which is also currently owned and was built by Ms. Capalini to further the education of New Babbage residents. She tries to contribute to the community occasionally.. when her hermit-ish leanings permit.

==Early Life==
The youngest daughter of a missionary stationed in India, Canolli was the only surviving member when a cholera outbreak swept through the villages. Her uncle, Chadwick Capalini (a hard man who blamed his brother for their father’s death), was a cabinetmaker and owned his own furniture store. As Canolli grew up, she was kept from school and frequently put to work in the workshop. Her own handiwork was often claimed as his, and his shop became renowned for quality work. Because of this, Mr. Capalini kept suitors away. After a noticeable absence, Canolli was accused of her uncle’s murder. Acquitted of the murder, her reputation was in ruins and the shop and workshop were reclaimed by the state. She disappeared and seven years later, showed up in New Babbage, doing odd jobs for Cornell Mondrian’s New Babbage Geographical Society (now defunct).. building the odd chair here and there for people. Within six months, Miss Capalini was able to purchase her own land and make a modest store. She began to dabble in mechanics and began developing music boxes.

She’s friendly enough with a soft southern drawl and has a soft spot for urchins. Even so, she’s wary of large crowds and never speaks of her life before coming to New Babbage.. Not of her uncle, nor of her stained hammer that she keeps on her person at all times.

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