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Mace of Olaf

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==The Artifact==

In 1880, the archeology team and the laborers who were excavating the Palisade Wall came upon a previously mortared-in room, and some curious objects were recovered. One item in particular appeared to be quite old, but was in very bad condition. Clockwinder Tenk sent it to Miss Capalini in hopes that it may be restored, and went digging through the City libraries in hopes of discovering what exactly this object might be. A letter was soon returned:

Dear Mr. Tenk,

I am sending the artifact back to you.. and have come to several conclusions. In pouring over the books you sent me for most of the night, I *think* I may know what this is.. You may want to have it studied proper, but I believe you’ve uncovered a very important part of Babbage’s history.

From what I can piece together.. in the year of our lord, 1135.. there was a terrible threat. Babbage has always been a town of craftsman and artisans and highly known for it’s early metalwork. It’s a little dodgy, but there was an invasion from the North.. Specific references to several craftsman that brought their tools to a blacksmith named.. Stendart? My latin is a bit rusty. The craftsmen of Babbage sacrificed their tools to be made into weapons to hld back the invaders. Several are mentioned specifically, including one name Olaf who brought his auger/hand drill and had it turned into a weapon. Many of the brave craftsmen died in holding off the invading forces, and to remember those men, several weapons were kept as symbols of the surviving city so they would never forget (That’s used several times.. “Lest we ever forget”).

Somewhere down the line, this Mace of Olaf became even more symbolic to the authority in Babbage.. in the mid 1400’s, it was officially declared as municipal, being a symbol of office and retooled to be.. (well, let’s face it, Tenk. The Clockwork renaissance, while had an explosion of art, liked to put ornamentation on everything, even if it’s a bit gaudy.) more ornamental.

The mace disappeared during the great fog about a hundred years later..along with some other precious artwork and metals. It was always assumed it had been stolen.

Mr. Tenk, based upon the object that i had in my hands after restoring it, the artistic impressions in the art of the time, and .. well. wishful thinking, I think that’s what we have here. It fits… the wall was built several hundred years ago, it all lines up.

I believe this to be the Mace of Olaf, a very important piece of our heritage.

Your humble Servant,

Tenk confirmed the find with his own research, and handed the restored artifact over to Aeolus Cleanslate at the mayoral inauguration ceremony, charging him to rebuild city hall:

“The Mace was originally a carpenters auger. The legendary Olaf, and others, took their precious tools to the blacksmith to have them reforged into weapons. During the clockwork renaissance, the Mace was gilded and embellished: four rubies for the blood that was spilled by the mace, and four tusked elephant head, for it is easier to move an elephant than to try to move a Babbager, once his heels are dug in. What was thought lost forever has been restored to us!”

“Mr. Cleanslate, use it wisely. I give it to you and name you First Engineer. Defend New Babbage against all enemies, and tyrants, even if that tyrant becomes myself.”

“I further charge you to make plans for the rebuilding of City Hall. Let there be a secure place to display it there, where all may enjoy the splendor of our rich history.”

==The Ship==

The Mace of Olaf is a dreadnought class ironclad built by the Steamweaver Shipworks in Babbage Canals. It made its debut during Fleet Week and can be seen at about 3:20 in the Fleet Review segment of this machinima.

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