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Breezy Carver

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==Personal Biography==
I am Sea Breeze … My friends call me Breezy

My name in this world is Breezy Carver with the intention that all would be on a basis of acquaintance, then perhaps one day, turn into bonds of friendships perhaps a tad delusional but alas that was the intention. My own Passion lies in meeting and sharing ideas with good people, fashion, the arts and charity .

I am just a happy capitalist social butterfly of sorts with a big heart that believes in “Anything In this world is obtainable”.

I come from a far away place an island if you please , quite spectacular on the northeast seaboard coast ..
The life was sheltered but not for the weak at heart , I was raised on passion morals values with heavy doses of kindness some heartache and a great deal of depth .
None of this makes me better then anyone but like all I am different .. I am not in this world to compete , I am here to experience share give and love .. Alas some say love is over rated .. Grins well in my world that is not the case .. I will love and give and share until my final hour ..I have and shall continue to give the cloths off my back to another and my last dollar , in my humble view that is paying it forwarding, expecting nothing in return.
Funny thing those close to me claim my name suits me .. Perhaps in time one can decide .

I am aggressive yet cautious. Fun yet fragile, determined yet sensitive ..Strong minded ,yet always most caring …. Note the paradox on each of the descriptive.

Born to a loving couple, my mother passed giving birth to me, I was the youngest of four girls and was named by my father for his two greatest passions of nature That of the Sea and the warm breeze on his face ..For a brief wonderful time, Indeed I was his little ray of sunshine ..
I lost two sisters to plague and later another to a terrible fire .. All before I was eight .

My dear father passed when I was just 10 and my nanny Fay raised me , until her own death when I was just 12, indeed I come from a most special place .. Full of beauty and tender hearts and great heartbreak .

I went to live with my Aunt and Uncle and went to school in the grand city of New York ..

The great city did scare me but I did love the bricks and streets ..So full of life and true wonder to behold and experience , I feel in love with all the arts I had read about that now came to life . It was almost as if it was buildings and cobble stones that became my friends ,for people now scared me .. Would they be nice to me and then disappear too ? Would they laugh at me because I stuttered and seemed so excited to be around people ? Chills and Goosebumps at the unknown ..

My Aunt and Uncle where friends of a Mister Jay Gould, also a railroad man and often we holidayed together along with his family at their holiday estate Lyndhurst .. As My Aunt and Uncle had their own holiday estate quite close .. Called Tappan Hill .. How I loved to go riding and walk and summer there, ah the afternoon socials and teas and the spectacular balls that went till dawn.. The music the clothing.. Indeed it was a most magical time. I was able to once again twirl my hearts content with out a care in the world .. It was a happy time .
I went on to travel to Europe and took a Partner from Italy for my husband at just 17 sigh another sad tragic story , as he was killed in a horrid accident . But I was blessed with a dear new Sister in law .. Alas I had lost contact with her .. Over time and my own travels ..

After much heart ache and soul searching I went back to my island home and tended to the family business .I still owned , a Most Splendid Wine Vineyard Quite productive and successful .. For years I worked it and put my heart and soul into it .. It was there I would entertain the families and friends of my parents and clients of the Vineyard .I would go to Europe by boat twice a year and ride thru Europe on The Orient Express. I kept what living family I had close and continued to stay in touch with letters with some dear childhood friends, but other then that I stuck to my charities’ and fund drive efforts for homeless children and illness . I lived a good quiet life but still I felt restless and I was quite lonely .. My twirls were simply no more .

Then one day whom did I run upon on the Main Land ,but an old childhood special friend and character from New York ,Mr. Skusting Dagger, smile what a character and a wonderful artist this Man had always been .. He was full of tales long and short of adventures and somehow some way he talked me into coming to this wonderful City he resided in, New Babbage .

Soon I arrived and whom did I run into but my long lost Sister in Law Miss Canolli .. Big smile
It was as if The city of New Babbage wrapped her arms around me .. The cobbles the builds the narrow roads the train tracks ah the canals .. And then there is The Sea .. Well this Sea Breeze was thrilled to be Breezy again for the first time in a very long time able to twirl and be her happy again .. Yet she was still quite nervous and a tad frightened .

I rented my first flat from Mr Merryman (( one man )) he was quite charming and my neighbors were a delight .. A bunch of real life Pirates they be .. There was thoughtful caring and comical Gus (( Dr. Dayafter)), The dapper Captain Smythe a smooth character all his very own and the dear .. Wicked creative gun ,ships of land and sea builder and the wonderful Greek Chef, George, He even let me shoot him a few times .. These were my friends ,Gosh we did have fun !!
Many a happy sunsets or late nights laughing in Skusting’s Rubys .
Ah then there were the children . Dear DJ and Bob .. Jimmy, Myrtle ..Ahh the Big Hand !!! It was at that time I met Miss Ceejay Writer , We became good friends right away and still are to this day . (Over a Year later ) We shared many an adventure back then it just was a different time.

The mayor was buying a new Sim sometime in June and I was so excited and tried to jump in and get a good size parcel . I had an idea !!!
To be honest the person that helped me with that purchase was the one and only Kandace Commons .. I was all by myself and did not know the Map .. I had my parcels I was so excited !!!

So I bought my three good size parcels and then we waited for the new Sim .. And we waited .. And we waited .. Ahh Six weeks later it did arrive (( back story there but wont go into it ))
In fact there are a few back stores here that I shall not go into .
I will say this sooner or later in any world in any town in any city the truth comes out ..
Funny thing about the truth that’s just how it goes . *Smiles*
”’Piermont Landing”’

==Events and other works==

Miss Carver throws monthly balls at her beloved Piermont Landing, which had to be replaced in 2011 when Doctor Obolensky destroyed the original, and has also been a Team Captain for Babbage’s Relay for Life team twice. She also helped create Fleet Week and has put a garden where the old Piermont used to stand.


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