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Blessing for a house or building

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The priest of the Church of the Builder perform many functions, and superstitious landlords may call on them to perform a blessing on their rental properties after a tennant moves out, as was the case when Mr. Underby moved out of #23 Mechanics Mews. The following blessing was performed by Father Ora Moonwall:

Tenk watched the wagons lumber down Doagrun Row with the last of Underby’s belongings. It was good to have him out of Clockhaven so he could drink in peace again. Elleon joined him then, taking a break from building her snowman.

“You know,” she said teasingly. “No one is going to move into that house unless the priests come and bless it.” Tenk scowled at such nonsense but knew she was right. And who would come up the road just then but old Father Moonwall himself. Moonwall gazed disapprovingly through his dark goggles at the snowmen littering the market square. “That had better not be me…” the priest pronounced, gazing at a long and gaunt snowman.

Elleon and Tenk shook their heads hurriedly, saying they thought it looked more like Underby.

“Hmmf… Underby,” scoffed the priest. “I met the man. He was a humbug.”

“Well, humbug or not, no one is going to want to move into the house he just moved out of,” remarked the mayor. “And with the state of the city coffers….”

“Could you do an exorcism?” Elleon added helpfully.

“Builder, grant me strength,” muttered the priest under his breath. “Very well. Let me go look at it.”

Elleon nudged Tenk and he gave her a half grin as they followed the dark robed figure up the row to Mechanics Mews. The pair guided the old man to the right house, and Tenk found the key to open the door. “I’ll wait outside,” he said sheepishly, still recalling his last adventure in that house. Moonwall shivered in spite of himself as he entered the house.

“Great Builder,” began the priest. Elleon looked at Tenk oddly as he took off his toque and knelt in the snow outside.

””Great Bulder, our Father and Teacher,”
”bless the lines of this house with your divine logic.”
”Reason is our foundation,”
”And Logic is our weapon”
”The Laws of Your Universe are Constant.””

They heard Moonwall go up the first flight of stairs, cane thumping on each step before him.

””Great Builder, our Father and Teacher,”
”bless the lines of this house with your divine logic.”
”Reason is our foundation,”
”Logic, our weapon”
”The Laws of Your Universe are Constant.””

Moonwall paused again as he went up the second flight of stairs into the attic where Underby spent his days in meditation.

“Good… lord…” the old man gasped.

””Great Builder…”
”Our Father and Teacher,”
”Bless the lines of this house with your divine logic.”
”R-reason is our f-found-foundation,”
”Our weapon is L-logic”
”The… The Laws of Your Universe are C-“”

The priest trailed off and gave a strangled cry and hurried down the stairs, cane thumping quickly as he descended.

“There you are,” Moonwall said as he exited the house. Tenk brushed the snow off his knee as he rose and put his toque back on.

“Something wrong, Father?” Elleon asked.

“All finished,” said Moonwall. He walked briskly away from the house, not looking back.

“Did that end rather suddenly?” Tenk asked.

“That was rather sudden,” agreed Elleon.

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