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So I finally tested the events… a while ago and looks like it works defiantly better than the one in drupal, you can actually see events that happen multiple times on their days rather than in December XP.

Also added a new image gallery thing we are going to start testing. Photonic seems to be able to do multiple sites as the gallery so we can bring in flickr collections, though not sure how we are going to add images to the site just yet. Really don’t want to add images to the site anyway cause they end up taking a lot of space eventually.

Finally announced that I am wanting people to come to the site on the old one to test, look at, explore, etc this one. Not that I don’t like the old one but I don’t even know how to update the old one anymore and this one seems to update frequently. We don’t have anything here that would completely break if it got updated that I am aware of and the plugins we are using tend to be update frequently as well. Would love a bit more integration with SL which I tried to look into but those plugins seem to be years old. The two that I do have activated are SL Map and SL Tools . I have another not activated called SL User Create which seems like a tool that we used before with drupal to help people sign up to the site… but I remember how spammy that became when we had it operating so don’t have it activated at this time.

As always we can use any help that anyone wants to provide. I am no expert on WordPress I just now how to find plugins and administer them for the most part. If anyone knows how to create plugins or wants to teach someone (namely me) how I would love to learn. That begin said if you want to help know how WordPress works then let me know. We could always use another smart person helping us make this site awesome :3

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  1. Edward Pearse Edward Pearse February 26, 2018

    Glad to see it’s coming along. And I should check this group more often too now I suppose :-)

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