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No I haven’t left. School has been taking up much of my time. But now that school is up I have decided to really look into making this website really good. I have been going through the videos on and have installed some stuff on my computer to hopefully create my own theme so we can make it really work with this one. Suffusion (the current theme) is okay but it is still rather limiting and would rather be able to create my own, and on that though it would also be good for my other web building.

Also been wanting to make a video game (weirdly enough been thinking about a Tales of New Babbage video game but doubt that would ever happen) so going to try and teach myself this summer more game building stuff. Speaking of which I made a game for class if you want to play it. It’s made with Unity 3D but it doesn’t work on chrome due to recent changes in the browser.

Anyway hopefully many of you have been up to things as well. So please discuss :D


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