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The Great Coffee Shortage: The Parlay Trials

It was another hot summer day in the Riff, and Beryl watched idly in some stolen silks as the pirates prepared the festivities.  They would be able to watch from on high as Emerson fought for his life far below.

It would have been hard to tell how dire the situation was however.  Beryl radiated confidence in Sir Sir Emerson, Cyan cheered awkwardly from the sidelines, but Tepic had convinced the pirates to let him work the concession stand.  For some reason they thought this was funny enough to allow.

When Emerson arrived late that afternoon she gave them a warm welcome.  She was surprised to see Captain Bookworm Heinrichs had come here as his squire.  Ambal’s orders had been to bring only his squires.  Beryl could have assumed the Captain lied, but instead thought of her as Squire Heinrichs.

Squire Heinrichs paid Tepic for some peanuts, but Emerson quickly tried to open a tab in Edward Pearses name.  Things seemed too good to be true.  Alas their reunion was short lived as they discovered the trials they would have to complete.

Squire Heinrichs gave Beryl an annoyed glare that went unnoticed.  While Beryl tried to explain why it was necessary, Emerson took immediate action:  He lit a pre-rolled cigar and ordered several stiff beverages for courage, on Cyan’s coin/Ed’s tab depending who you asked.

The First Mate, a short but confident woman named Faitha, allowed him to take whoever would go with him.  Tepic was quick to volunteer.

So it was that alt Squire Harlequin, alt Squire Demark, alt Squire Heinrichs, and Sir Sir Emerson went to brave the three deadly tasks.

Beryl watched the festivities from above as the massive monsters attacked the party.  The mosquito was a baby compared to the larger ones, but it was three times the size of a man at least.  Bullets and moltov cocktails were not effective.  The monster pinned Rayn down and was about to drink his blood when Emerson came forward suddenly.

Beryl had no idea how, but the mosquito fell at Emerson’s hands.  She purred and looked at the others, knowing he would survive the other trials just as handily.  There was little to worry about.  The scale of the snakes could be found anywhere if they were careful, and the angel of death was killed when the hag island was bombed.

With Sir Sir Emerson’s defeat of the mosquito, Beryl was completely confident they would win.  The Parlay would happen the next morning… had been very funny to watch Emerson screaming and running away from a giant snake.

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