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Journal of Milo Worth: In Situ

I am writing this entry at the desk in my apartment above The Gangplank Public House, where I am now officially a bartender. I have a job! And living quarters. The others should see this place, it’s HUGE. Almost as big as the dormitory and I have it all to myself.

There is some furniture in here, but it smells old and musty. The Church was very strict about cleanliness, but I guess this is what it’s like out in the real world. This is real life, not some calculation factory. Real life is gritty and painful and smells bad. But someday when I am a famous writer I will look back on it fondly. My humble beginnings.

I haven’t met Brother Malus yet, or anyone else that works at the bar. It was just Miss Junie and me until the bar closed the other night, and then I did my first full shift yesterday. Junie said she is co-owner of the bar but has a second job now, so eventually Squire Malus (“Squire”?!) will be my boss. She seems pleasant but also a bit light in the reasoning department. 

Yesterday I tasted liquor for the first time, something called Campari. Disgusting. Some customers saw me do it and are now extorting me for free drinks. Stupid! No one will notice if a little booze goes missing though I bet. Junie doesn’t seem to know what’s going on and no one else is around. But that’s a mistake I won’t make again.

There was a pretty girl sitting by the fireplace earlier today. If she comes again tomorrow I will talk to her. I bet she will be able to tell I’m an artist.

Her sable hair,
Flowing as the watery deep
Drowns me, and
I give her my last breath.

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  1. Marco Cabot Marco Cabot November 7, 2019

    I like to see how this ties in to Junie’s thread. Like scene changes in the structure of a larger story. :)

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