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Marco Cabot

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Marco Cabot

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Marco (full name Marco Augustus Cabot) is a young rabbit-form Moreau. He is somewhat short and stocky (approximately 5′ 3″ tall, weight about 10 stone) with a ready smile and a willingness to help the less fortunate.

Marco dresses in simple cloth and leather clothes and work boots. When he is on the job, he carries a tool pack and wears safety goggles. He is almost always accompanied by a hovering steam automaton he calls Norbit. Marco dies his hair a bright blue, as blue happens to be his favorite color.

Marco has a large locket strapped to his wrist with pictures of his mother and father inside. He almost never takes it off, not even to sleep.


Marco is a mechanic/inventor from the Moreau-dominated city of Rookerburgh. The son of vanished explorer Julius Cabot, the infant Marco was left on the doorstep of Gabriel’s Repair Bay and Gimmick Emporium. Growing up in the poor section of the city, Marco was falsely accused of a crime and forced to flee to New Babbage.

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