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Happy 2018!

All new year, all new New Babbage web presence, all new hangover, etc. It’s a new beginning, with so much to look forward to :D (the hangover will go away. Probably).

*Updated Flickr Album Gallery from 1.6.6 to 1.6.8 *fingers crossed*

*It has been suggested that we need to either recruit someone to curate a town History section (which could involve harvesting info exhaustively from the BAR Department of Records and Archives, then augmenting with updates and additions from other sources, like BAR forum posts, etc), or just have everyone add to it out of their memories (what could possibly…). We should also think about separating any History listing into a RP history guide (to help illuminate things for newer people, and to clarify memories/settle bets/etc.) and a RL archive (people and builds which have come and gone, region and estate changes, etc.). The critical thing is that to be useful it has to be organized, which is a job for at least one person if not an army of coffee freaks. Job description: HUGE.

Please comment with thoughts.




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  1. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna January 1, 2018

    YAY! Thanks for the update Dee :3

    Ever since getting back to Babbage this year after school got out I have been working both in SL to have fun and well here to let everyone have fun.

    Finally found the perfect theme to do what I want with it, there are still a few hiccups though. The widget manager seems to still want to put the front page widgets on individual users pages so I am looking into that.

    Still need to work on the menus to make them go to things that are actually useful for our site as the menu currently goes to things we don’t really use atm.

    Finally figured out why Beryl wasn’t able to get on the site (apparently if you don’t get an activation link and use it then you can’t log onto the site). Also I need to figure out something to prevent people getting insta-banned if they try to log in to the website too many times. Maybe something in the security of thew website itself we can find to make it so after a couple of tries then it goes to one of us. Cause Beryl tried a few times (not sure how many) and then the webserver banned them from the site, which is not something we want to occur.

    And the final thing that is concerning me is just titles of the pages, which is not a huge deal but would still prefer to be able to change site-wide activity to something else.

    I know Book was primarily the person who took care of the archive, we could ask her but I doubt that she’d have the time as she barely seems to be on SL anymore. I’m sure we could all do a little XP

    • Dee Wells Dee Wells January 1, 2018

      Ahhh, ok; we’ll have to dig into the lockout thing. Nasty.

      We can change the Site Wide title to Recent Notices or something, maybe Bulletin Board or some such; we’ll have to polish as we go.

      I thought of Book, and thought the same thing. Maintaining is one thing, setting it up is going to be the huge job. It might be something everyone just helps with.

      I started a framework placeholder as kind of a scratchpad to think about, to get us started:

      It’s a place to start, one way of approaching the gateway to another site (the BAR archives should be considered as mortal as the rest of the BAR, I should think) or pages here, or whatever works, to see if it guides us to the next stage.

      I can poke away at setting up those pages here, if it’s what we want to do.

  2. Cyan Rayna Cyan Rayna January 7, 2018

    Updated the menu, though we should probably make two one for the very top and one for the middle. I removed the Resource Guide as it took up a lot of space and moved it into the menu, there is also a page for it which is the same as the widget we had.

    I’m still not sure what to do for a gallery. We still have the Flickr Album Gallery plugin but no galleries set up there, and really not sure what people use for galleries anymore or even how to use that one. I think it might need owners consent to be used here which would mean we really need to make our own gallery specifically for Babbage there. I’ve never been one for posting images online except at the old Babbage website when I do.

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