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      Fauve Aeon

        Dear fellow citizens, townspeople, merchants and makers of all manner of things…
        By now you will have read in not one but two editions of the Engineer’s Notes (and you do of course read the Engineer’s Notes, right…?) that there is to be a gifting calendar here in our city over the Winter Holidays. Commonly known outside the Aether World as an ‘advent calendar’, but here certainly more focused on the function (sharing a handmade gift with your neighbor and receiving a pile of December presents) than any outside world religious significance, ours of course will be a bit different, The Yule Calendar.
        Mostly signifying that you’ll have figured out what sort of holiday you want to celebrate for yourself and as far as New Babbage goes, we are concerned only with the simple spirit of giving and receiving some fun, handmade gifts.

        To wit: in order for everyone to receive a fat stack of presents by December 25, (more days if we get more gifts, less if fewer) we are calling for any and ALL makers and creators to donate a handmade gift. It can be a texture, it may be a template, it might be a duck, a toy, even an infernal machine. It could be a plate of holiday cookies, a warm pair of mittens, a book, a box of exploding Humbugs or something else you have made that you are interested in sharing. The choice is up to you. The gifts do NOT have to be ‘professionally made’…in fact new and hobbyist builders are especially encouraged to participate, as we are a city of makers, crafters, learners and doers, and it’s never too late to begin to build in our world.

        For merchants: the calendar is open to everyone and you are encouraged to donate something you do indeed normally sell! Shop discounts or gift cards can also be included if you wish but they do not constitute a gift by themselves for this purpose. One landmark and one notecard inviting people to your shop or establishment here in New Babbage may be included with your gift.

        Who: anyone who makes anything that can be stuffed in a gift box
        What: make a gift for your neighbors to put in the Yule Calendar
        Where: send to Fauve Aeon
        When: BEFORE DECEMBER 1, don’t be late!
        Why: because it’s fun to share your creativity with the community
        How: send your fullperm item to Fauve Aeon with any directions about the distribution permissions. 

        Closer to December 1st…further instructions on the gift collecting extravaganza will be forwarded to the Community At Large.

        Best Regards,
        CC The BAR, FB Group, Steampunks & Engineers of New Babbage groups, Babbage Discord Server.

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        Fauve Aeon

          I’m very pleased to report 11 signups and one day’s gifts have already been delivered. Thank you so much for your support and generosity of your time and talents, everyone.
          I’m very excited that it’s almost 1/2 way there!

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