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9th New Babbage Social Salon feat. Russell Eponym

Date(s) - Jul 24, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Who: New Babbage Social Salon featuring Russell Eponym
What: chat salon with Fauve (voice and text), then live concert with stories and song (stream)
Where: Dark Alice, #20 Babbage Square, New Babbage Your carriage awaits.
When: Wednesday, July 24, 10-10:50am for Salon, 11am-12pm for Concert

Theme: ‘Tea Party’, Gothic Lolita, or Victorian/Steampunk garb as befits the City-State of New Babbage in the times before 1890.

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  1. Fauve Aeon Fauve Aeon Post author | April 5, 2019

    There is no dress code for Tea other than the standard New Babbage rules of ’don’t be nakee’ and ’leave your fetish gear for private areas’. I’m full aware many urchins are sometimes more than usual in need of tea and cake and everyone is welcome whether in workaday garb or finely dressed.

    But for Gothic Lolita:
    Short answer: just another fun fashion to explore (for those who are so inclined) that is loosely related to historical fashion of the New Babbage time period. :D

    Longer answer: it’s a modern fashion with roots in the Rococo and Victorian periods. I included links is in the Note here under the first Salon entry but I guess I should include it with each entry, hopefully after learning to do a proper ’read more’ cut. :)

    Male version is Ouji, Dandy or Aristo, and I should probably link some resources to those as well.

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