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Bourbon & Rum Pt.1 : D shoves off

Domino stood in her office in The Back Row, loading her clothes and equipment, mostly a vast assortment of weapons, into a large duffel bag. Her new flat was one of four non-descript living quarters in the dark alley, housed above an antique shop. She huffed as a strand of her red hair fell across her face, covering her scarred eyebrow. The tall, powerfully built woman had many such scars, souvenirs of the job she’d been taking a break from. A whine came from under the chair as Ash, her puppy, caught on to what her preparations meant. She was leaving again and the little dog knew it. She crouched down to stroke his ears, when a series of coded knocks sounded from the door and the handle turned.

Dave, her right hand man in Babbage, a dock worker who in his spare time managed much of her business interests, came in the door with some papers. He wore a ratty green sleeveless jumper and was still covered in grime from the docks. She looked up at him “all set?”

Dave nodded “Eyup. Ships all loaded up boss, jus’ gotta git er engine goin an she’s a goodun.”

Domino turned back to loading ammunition and underwear into her bag “nice work, ill be headin off tonight. bout time i tested out the new crew.”

Dave made sure the door was properly shut. “Ooz ya got now boss? That bag o milk sticks an some pink overalls?”

Domino smirked “thats them, Gary and Juliana, gunner and engineer. she seems to know her engines, got the Fury’s worked out pretty quick. he reckons hes a decent shot, and he knows how all the cannons work, so should be fine. bit weird tho, that one”

Dave leaned on the table “The gunner?”

Domino nodded in reply “mhm, stares at stuff, dont meet yer eyes. nobody else wants to man my guns tho so ill whip him into shape.”

Dave looked skeptical “Roigh’… well… jus go easy awroigh’?”

Domino snorted “you worried about me?”

Dave shuffled his feet. “E’s jus’… E’s bein pretty picky about ow the ammo’s stowed, actin loik E owns tha place. Don’ want im gettin shot on is firs day, ya know?”

Domino smirked “he’ll be fine”

Dave changed the subject quickly “Ow long yer fink yer gonna be?”

Domino shrugged “got a lotta contacts to catch up with and maybe some real jobs to do. bout time i got back out to sea, fed up with all this city business. spose a bit. maybe few months, maybe longer. ill be droppin in tho, and you can get hold of me easy enough.”

Dave nodded skeptically. “Jus don’ leave me stuck wiv Steve fer too long aight? Knobber’s drivin me rahnd the bend.”

Domino giggled darkly “could always keelhaul him”

Dave laughed, one of the few that understood her humour. “Ah serpose it’d give Im summit real ter moan baht. Ave a good trip Aight boss?”

Domino nodded, closing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder “workin on it. seeya dave. feed ash for me ok?”

Dave nodded, smiling at the pirates puppy, peeking out from under a comfy chair. “E’ll be foin. Git goin.”

Domino gave Dave a playful punch on the arm and headed out of the door, down the steel staircase and through the dark, winding back alleys of New Babbage to her waiting ship.

Pt. 2

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