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A Little Renovation never hurts

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The Blackberry Memorial had undergone several changes in her absence. The money donated by Candance’s family was being put to good use she could tell as the park in front was being constructed first. She hoped they had hired someone besides Beatrixe this time. As she examined the new fountain she was approached by Dr. Jekyl.

“It’s good to see you again,” he said pleasantly. “I wish you would come around more often, you have been almost a stranger. Are you here to see Lisa?”

“I did not know she was still in the hospital.” Beryl replied with a frown. Lisa, Fargazer, one of the urchins who had no opportunity to betray her. She was genuinely concerned for her well being. “Take me to her room?”

“Certainly, she could use the company. Kasa has…well things are going on right now. I am just glad you seem alright.”

She nodded idly and followed the good doctor to Lisa’s room. When she was there the lass seemed on the cusp of recovery. They spoke for a short time before Lisa brought up that Bookworm, Toby, Lilith, and several others who she was looking for were locked in the asylum or on the run. Nightmares were driving them all to insanity.

“I will discuss that with Professor Vartanian shortly,” Beryl replied calmly, and put on a brave face for her. It was clear her friend needed reassurance. “Its part of why I returned.”

She hoped the situation could be resolved swiftly. She had a passing familiarity with Nacht Mahr’s after all.

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