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You are all invited to a Party in Wheatstone

Enjoy the final event of April, in August!

Iron Seahorse Inn wants to to get to know the neighbors its lived beside for more than a few months with a 4 Months Late Grand Opening Ball and Poolstravaganza Thing.

You can bring period appropriate swim clothes (they are available for sale for 50L here, as well), and if you must, ballroom attire, or just drip on the floor. Or you can skip the pool because you’re far too smug and cool for that sort of thing, and dance.  Changing rooms are available.

Our DJ will be playing an eclectic mix of standards, big band, jump jazz, and bossa nova to bring in the new month of May, which has already happened.

It’s happening from 5-7pm SLT on Wednesday the 17th.





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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse August 15, 2011

    Someone once told me: “There aint no party like a Wheatstone Party cause a Wheatstone Party don’t stop.”

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