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Wrap up on 2010 RFL Winner for the top Team Website funraising ((Confio) and 2011 Theme !!

Following are [u][b]the winners for the Top Team [/b][/u]and Individual[u][b] Webiste (Confio) Fundrasing [/b][/u]Award.  Also included is the winner of the 2010 Convio Challenge Week.
Top Individual
1st Blynn Heron
2nd Sabine McGettigan
3rd Sunshine Zhagsun
[b] [/b]
[b]Top Team[/b]
1st Circle of Life
2nd NY Healthscape & DVI
[u][b]3rd New Babbage RFL[/b] [/u]
[b]2010 Convio Challenge Week[/b]
[u][b]Fuzzball Ortega[/b] [/u]
On Behalf of the entire  RFL 2010 Committee Congrats and [b]Thank YOU to New Babbage for all your hard work !!!   Stellar Year Indeed !![/b] 
The theme for  2011 is [u][b]”Seasons of Hope”[/b][/u] Cya then  *grins*
Breezy Carver
Honored  Member of New Babbage Team
CoPr RFL Chair 2010/2011
Following are the banner awards for the 2010 Second Life Relay for Life.  The teams at each level have been alphabetized and the amounts raised removed.
[b]Diamond  1,000,000.00 – 4,999,999 [/b]
Cure Chasers
Eternal Beacon
Friends Fighting Cancer
Goreans in the Relay For Life
Harmony of Hope
[b]New Babbage RFL [/b]
Passionate Redheads
Relay Raiders
Relay Rockers
Spirit of Relay
Team Caledon
Team Independence
Team OD
The All-Stars
[b] [/b]
[b]Platinum   500,000.00 –  999,999 [/b]
Dream To Live
Global Hearts United
In Loving Memory
Relay Wizards For SpUnKy
Rezzed TV Relayers
Sail For Life
Steelhead Salmons
The Fringe
[b] [/b]
[b]Gold          250,000 –  499,999 [/b]
BOSL Relay Team
Circle of Life
Designers in Seclusion
Giant Snail Relay
Justice League Unlimited/League of Heroes
Knights Foundation of SL
Madness Legends
Midian City Cancer Crushers
Ministry of Dance
Relay Hope
Spinners for Life
The Quest For A Cure
Time For A Cure
Silver        100,000 – 249,999
AVENUE of Life
EIMA – Elegance and Privilege
GLANCE Runway For Life
Grotto Club
Hockey Players for Life
IFT Sci-Fi Alliance
Isis Isles
Mountain Poetry Gallery Walkers
Nation of Adam ondi Ahman
NY Healthscape & DVI
PHC For Life
Purple Tears
Radical Hope For Life
RFL Warriors
Team Young Adults
Touched By Angels
United Federation Starfleet
Walking Tall For A Cure
[b]Bronze     1,000.00 – 99,999 [/b]
A.D. Designs Team
Armada Fights Back
Benelux For RFL 2010
Best Friends For Life
Bikers For A Cure
Blues For A Cure
BT Cares
Catalyst of Fantasy
Club At Last
Dare To Dream
Diva Darlings For RFL
Dreamin’ In Purple
Fighting For The Future
Friends For Life
Gems & Kisses-We Love Life
Graves Inc. Red Carpet Relay
Infomaniac Racers
Jewelers of SL
Kids Fighting Cancer
Lanterns for Life
Life is KEWL
Mieville Steam Punks
Mu Trade Federation
Nightfire Ent & Marketing
No Salvation Revenants for Life
Northern Light
October Alchemy
People Huggers
Racer’s For Relay
Relay Rangers
Remembering Angel
RFL Team Eternal Passion
RockNGames Radio
Roma Pro Vita
Sidhes Fairies
SiX Radio
SL Fishers 4 Life
Spirit Chasers 1
Tau Kappa Tau Sorority
Team Amber
Team Gaia
Team KAT Hillcrest
Team Mustang
Team Texas Aggies
Team Veliz
Team VIO
The Guild of Gloom
The Village Players
Twisted Lizard
United For A Cure
Ventrue For Life
VirtualTimes Relay For Life
Waking Dawn

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  1. Fuzzball Ortega Fuzzball Ortega August 14, 2010

    If you’re interested in seeing a full list of the award winners
    I put the Steamlands and individuals in bold, if someone was left out of getting their name in bold, I apologize, but it’s all there.

  2. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington August 17, 2010

    Hmm next years theme sounds promising…

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