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World Zombie Day Party!

Since I am an innocent hotelier and there will be no sign of me having anything to do whatsoever AT ALL with ANY kind of iteration of any sort of plague, zombie infestation, tenk stareing, undead hoardes, green swamp gas fever or partial or full flooding of the sewers…it doesnt mean to say that we still cant celebrate…


This year the World Zombie Day Party is being held in one of the most creepiest dens of villany and subterfuge in New Babbage.  Uttering the name of this pub sends shivers of fear down the spines of its poor unpayed workforce, the meer mention of this pub to the urchins makes them run away screaming in horror…

This year… world zombie day is being held… in THE GANGPLANK!

Don those undead avatars, shuffle around to the soothing tunes of the Crypt Kicker himself… Vic Mornington!

((this is of course an OOC event celebrating the real life “World Zombie Day”…gives folks a chance to try those zombie avatars withouth being shot at…))

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  1. Thomas Morlock Thomas Morlock October 3, 2013

    Spurgan – no more fast food this month!

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