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Work in progress

Pushing prims in Babbage Square, stretching, squashing, trying different shapes and sizes.

Seems to be getting there, now I have to decide what it is lol, garden, gallery, home ?

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  1. Phaedra Underby Phaedra Underby March 20, 2012

    All of the above? What an interesting shape! I shall have to go see it in person. 

  2. Jonathon Spires Jonathon Spires March 20, 2012

    If the city only taxes persons on the square footage at ground level, you’ve hit upon the very thing!

  3. Jonathon Spires Jonathon Spires March 20, 2012

    Just saw it in-world. Very impressive!

  4. Amber Ilsker Amber Ilsker March 20, 2012

    Thanks :) , I’ve altered it since I took the picture, I made it squatter, the window isn’t as tall now and overall it’s less bulky.

    I still have a ton of texturing to do, I’ve left alot just tinted prims for the moment. I need to put on rocky music and drink 5 redbulls before I try texturing the fiddly bits. 

  5. Erica Fairywren Erica Fairywren March 21, 2012

    Very nice, I love the shape. Walked by it today :)

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