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I have wondered far and wide. I have settled in other places only to leave and return to once again. How long? How often? I do not know.

I find myself growing weary of the places I have thought I settled into. I feel that I always wear out my welcome…do something utterly stupid…hurt someone’s feelings…or else…but I am only human (or am I?) I don’t mean to be such a buffoon, but things happen.

Many places seem to stagnate, turn unfriendly, become hostile. People come and people go. People take it all too seriously.  People don’t take it seriously enough.  Some seem happy but many are very bitter.  I have no time for negativity and the stifling of creativity. All I strive for are good friends, good times, a laugh…a little joy…and a ton of creativity.

New Babbage will ALWAYS be extremely dear to me. It is the first place I came and stayed for some time. The first place I made true and long lasting friends.  The first place I felt how real things could be…and the first place I learned happiness and misery.

So I now wonder through her streets…again. Catching up on old times, old friends, the news, the events, the changes and just wondering…pondering…again.

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