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Shake off the tryptophan coma and shuffle through your inventory for coats, scarves, heavy boots, and that hat that only a Canadian would wear in public, because it’s finally time for the winterize your build weekend! Gasp in amazement as the city turns white, block by block. Run madly through the streets and throw snowballs at unsuspecting residents. Fiddle with your windlight settings to get that perfect winter haze for your photos. Scramble for extra prims to get those icicles and snow drifts in. Watch the mayor swear and stomp as he finds the prims with permission errors. 

What else are you going to do… watch football with Uncle Bob?

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon November 21, 2010

    Its time to… Winterise! *pulls out the snow cannon!*

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