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Winter Town Hall


  • Thaw will be first week in March, after Tenk gets back from his out of town trip for the last week in Feb.
  • Ice fishing village on Iron bay for the rest of the month, 20 LI per shack. I expect there to be a “mayor.” Contact is Osric Worbridge
  • Steampunk Festival first week in March needs helpers. Contact Cythleen.
  • HP Lovecraft Quest – late March. Possible Babbage stop.
  • Oiling Festival March 8-23
  • RFL – yes we will. Kickoff will be May 31 at Foot Tappin Friday. Six weeks is plenty enough. Might do some eBay auctions if there are makers willing to participate.
  • Welcome Center in Port Babbage needs fleshing out. I expect this to happen in conjuction with the Oiling Festival.
  • Occupancy is somewhere between 89 to 92 percent, depending on what land is actually abandoned. That’s best it has been in a very long time. 
  • Is it possible to get from one end of the city to another without touching the ground?
  • Cessadia Thetan is in need of a geologist to help analyze some stones that maybe related to the disapperance of her grandson, Salazar Jack.

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