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Wallis Graves

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Owner and operator of Graves Investigations.

Born in Maine with her brother Taurin Graves, the siblings gained a reputation for finding missing objects. After completion of her studies at Miskatonic University they set up Graves & Graves Investigations.

During a trip to South America to investigate a group of cultists Taurin disappeared. Wallis now believes him to be dead but has become obsessed with finding out as much as she can about this strange cult.

With the disappearance of her brother, Wallis moved to New Babbage and set up business in a small room in Loner Lane. She is now on her third landlord and her office is now located in Sweetwater Square.

Through her investigations of occult groups and activity Wallis has built a remarkable library as well as having acquired some interesting artefacts.

She firmly believes in ritual magik as an inexact science and has encountered many of New Babbage’s more “exotic” inhabitants.

She has taken to making observational patrols at night. Clothed in black leather and armed with a pair of pistols, Wallis can sometimes be seen flitting from the tops of buildings as she makes her way through the city.

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