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Victor1st Mornington

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Victor Mornington is something of an eccentric.

Having been wandering the streets of Nassau Shores for many months he stumbled open a 210 metre long and 110 metre tall station which had appeared out of nowhere in the skies of Nassau Shores. Soon after “taking over” the station it was moved to the lands of Marti where it is now in fully operational order. The take over of Zenobia Station alerted the High Council of Timelords in New Gallifrey to the existance, with the station under his command Victor1st Mornington was given a seat on on the ruling council, which oversee’s the entire Time Lord race and persons with the ability to use the Hands of Omega console devices.

Before the Timelord training that he received his history is somewhat…patchy.

His familly originally hails from the Shetland Isles to the north of Scotland but his family lineage can be traced back to Croatia and Tasmania. Some residents of the Shetland Isles claim that Mornington, like the rest of his immediate family, live to well over 500 years old, even older.

He has been dubbed the Varsecole in certain regions in Croatia, a mix between Vampire and Werewolf, or so the stories go. The presence of longer than normal canine teeth in his mouth is put down by mornington as a “family tooth problem”.

No one knows why he came to New Babbage, the only thing thats certain is theres no immediate family on the Mornington side of the lineage and theres no immediate croatians or tasmanians who can easily identify him.

In New Babbage Mornington slid into the role of hotelier and eccentric inventor, some say that since moving into the city the amount of stray dogs in the city has declined, sometimes the body of a stray dog is seen floating in the port, the body scratched and torn…no one knows what kind of creature would prey of dogs and sometimes cats.

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