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Topperwick is a mining town west of Falun.

The town holds little joy on the surface, being nothing but some small shacks scattered on the edges of a shallow valley. The small cliffs that break through the low hills that surround the settlement are often pierced by mine entrances, poorly maintained but sturdy and each with a old wooden nameplate hanging over the lintel. Throughout the settlement the shacks and cabins sit amoungst, and are built of, the endless piles of scree and rock. Constructed of old pitprops and dry stone walls they are often left abandoned. The track that runs to one side of the village along a old moss covered scree banking cuts the town off from a very poor farm indeed. Home to some scrawny and bent-backed cows and soot stained sheep it supplies the village and, one occasion, the nearby city of New Babbage with tainted milk and cheese. The only good product it has is a good strong ale, though those of finer tastes prefer to strain the grit out first. One must not be fooled by the surface dwellings though, as the short residents of Topperwick are a mining clan and their true homes are beneath the surface.

Underwick is a delight. A huge cavern strung with lights and walkways the residents who call it home have carved wonderful houses from the rock itself, proudly decorating these cosy dwellings with carvings and pretty but worthless gems. A thriving community bustles about supplying those who work below in the deeper mines with the neccessities of life. There is a large bakery making good strong bread and a fungus farm in one corner has bred huge and spectacular mushrooms. A small resteraunt is known to serve the best rat in miles. The doorways may be low but the spirits of the folk are high. Worth a trip by anybody but if you are over 5′ then take a helmet.

”-DreddPirateBob Streeter”

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