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The Slenderman

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A malevolent spirit wreaks havoc in the graveyard and throughout New Babbage. (Most links work, except for the first few.)

==Story Parts==

Footman's log, April 14th 18XX 13

The Neighbors...chapter 9“13” proves to be a lucky clue]

The Neighbors...chapter 10 The truth]

May 24 — Trial by Fire

Private Journal 05.25.18xx

Spookiness in the Graveyard
[ The Mausoleum]

Graveyard Mayhem

June 4 — Another Hasty Retreat is Called for…

another tomb opened The Chronicles of Scottie Melnik - The Shadow Man – June 8

The Neighbors...chapter 11... Mr. Footman's enlightenment]

Footman's Log, June 10th, 18XX The Slenderman Part 1 (Cemetery nights) The Shadowman's Waltz The Slenderman Part 1 (Too close for comfort) Private Journal 06.15.18xx Mr. SLenderman's Shadow Lurks Footman's Log, June 29th Private Journal 06.29.18xx Footman's log: June 30th

June 30 — I Think He’s Right…

Private Journal 07.01.18xx The Neighbors..chapter 12...To save and to lose

July 1 — Meet Your New Roommates

Private Journal 07.02.18xx Footman's Log, July 2nd. 18XX The Slenderman (a bad night at rat alley) Footman's log, July 9th, 18XX

July 9 — Here, Fishie, Fishie, Fishie!

Footman's Log: July 12th, 18XX Private Journal 07.13.18xx Graveyard Rebirth Footman's Log, July 16th, 18XX

July 21 — Decisions to Make

Private Journal 07.24.18xx The Neighbors..chapter 13...To regain that which was lost, freedom



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