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The curious situation of the denied gargoyle

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

”A entry from the logbook of” Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, November 2nd, 188x

New Babbage is certainly a hotbed of excitement once again, although that is almost so commonplace as to be beneath mention. In this case, it was a pair of events into which I was drawn, more as an active witness than of any useful effect – to my frustration. They are, however, linked also by another participant.

The first was during Lady Breezy’s rezday party on Saturday. Frau Mara Razor’s piercing screams brought the militia on the run, and as I was waltzing with one member of that doughty band (Frl Bookworm Hienrichs), I followed her to the source of the trouble. Although I was not able to prevent the kidnapping of one Herr Gilhooly Skute, I did assist in the search effort. One of my fellow searchers was an unusual person, even for the Steamlands. Herr Kane Qork appears to be (not unlike Herr Shalmendo Glineaux of Steelhead) a sentient and fully mobile gargoyle. As the searchers scattered, with the adults trying to keep up with the urchins, to keep them as safe as possible, Herr Qork declared he would fly over the streets to search.

I am not a careless observer, nor was I under the influence of any alteration of my senses. Herr Qork walked, flew, and conversed Saturday evening.

Sunday evening I was reviewing some of the records in the New Toulouse Consulate annex when again, Frau Razor raised the alarm. The Clockwinder was being attacked – and although I know how fearsome Frau Razor can be in close combat, I hastened to the very familiar location she called out. The train station in Palisade is right next to the Consulate office. I was able to get there quickly, and although I am still not certain how badly damaged Herr Tenk might be, I found out that the reprehensible Reality Enforcement Devices are still on hand. Herr Skute, the young mouse who had been kidnapped the night before, was wearing a scaled down device as a backpack to somehow prevent an ‘Underby Yoyo’ from returning to life.

This was the same name as the person Fraulein MacBain had asked me about a few days earlier; the report I received from Steeltopia’s law enforcers was that he had been found murdered. Yet here was a child anxious enough about Yoyo’s continued existence to wear this device that could not only sicken Frau Razor, but bring ill health to the Clockwinder and gave Herr Mason Scientist severe headaches from only a few meters’ distance.

In addition to that, another child, a girl named ‘Lo’, was wearing a bracelet with the same effect. At some point, between apprehending Herr Tenk’s assailant and trying to remove the backpack device from the area, Herr Qork froze in a sitting position on the train platform. I had seen him approach, but now he was as immobile as any church decoration. The reasonable conclusion was that he had been affected by proximity to the Reality Enforcement Devices.

Fraulein Frye and Herr Baroque both showed up at the train station but did not recognise Her Qork; they both insisted magic does not work in New Babbage, and that there was no way this ‘statue’ could have been a self-animated being, despite my protests to the contrary. Herr Scientist was more willing to believe the children, Frau Razor and me about the gargoyle’s state of being and started to think of ways to help him. As the children ran after a dark-cloaked man passing the station (the urchins are quite uncontrollable), I devised a method to allow just the two of us to move a solid stone and iron being without even as much as a luggage trolley for assistance. Herr Duke Wrath Constantine of Middlesea had provided some Cavorite containment units for sale at the Mines in the Caledon Moors. I was able to remove one of the samples from containment and secure it to Herr Qork’s person, making him light enough to push slowly across the platform, tracks, and over the other side of the station into the Europan Consulate. Once he was safely up the spiral ramp to the first floor, I removed the Cavorite and let him settle with a thump to await Herr Scientist’s ministrations.

Magic is quite outside of my expertise; after the previous incident, I will not endanger any of my staff hired to address magical matters by requesting they go to New Babbage to investigate. I commend the Scientist for his willingness to stay at hazard, despite whatever denial other residents may have to unseen forces about them.

Now to secure that bracelet.


Klaus Wulfenbach
Consul from Europa

”Comment by ”’Softpaw”’ on November 2, 2009 at 4:59am”
*I have a device that was given to me back when Dr. O Took over New Babbage that counters the effects of the ARD…would you like it to make copies in case they are needed?

”Comment by ”’The Scientist”’ on November 2, 2009 at 12:36pm”
*I should have our composite friend back to normal flexibility in a week or two, Herr Baron. I just need a few more items… *rolls out a parchment that stretches across the laboratory floor*

”Comment by ”’Grendel Footman”’ on November 2, 2009 at 1:46pm”
*I have more counter devices Mss Softpaw, if needed, I’m using my tests wth Miss Frye’s own enforcement device to improve on them a bit

”Comment by ”’The Scientist”’ on November 20, 2009 at 10:41am”
*The situation is resolved, Herr Baron. Mr. Qork’s stone form deteriorated at an alarming rate from the “paradigm toxins” in this city, but I was able to transfer his essence into an avian construct just in time. He is happy in this new form and is even now soaring the polluted skies of Babbage!

”Comment by ”’Kane Qork”’ on January 11, 2010 at 11:25pm”
* I want to thank you again for your assistance. I am at least capable of a “life” of a sort now.

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