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Technology Time Line

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

To put technology in historical perspective, Mayor Sprocket provided this time line during our first year. There is a lot of controvery as to exactly when New Babbage exists, as there is evidence that there was more sophisticated technology available during the Imperial period, so it is best to take these years as a relative reference with regards to the our present time.

*July 2nd 1698, Thomas Savery invented the Steam Engine, to pump out coal mines, and the world was changed forever.

*Febuary 10th 1750, The Empire is broken! The Capital collapsed, leaving the larger cities without a government, each one declares independance. New Babbage’s Mayor decided among a group of business men.

*November 18th, 1804, Word of the other city-states surviving have circulated, New Babbage uncovers it’s old city wall and begins to retro-fit it with modern clockwork soldiers.

*April 23rd, 1832, Stephenson invents the Stephenson Planet, the first commercial steam engine. Inventor Ordinal Malaprop improves it making it engine driven just 12 years after.

*July 1st, 1838, Bow Street Police Service instituted.

*September 3rd, 1840, Salazar Jack provides steam to all buildings in New Babbage, providing a source of steam power with one centralized boiler at the Kahruvel Steamworks, the first public utility of New Babbage.

*June 4th, 1851, Marcos Fonzarelli provides Electricity to New Babbage using steam turbines.

*December 12th 1860, nearby ocean colonized through pressurized tubing invented by Reitsuki Kojima. A Pneumatic Diving Bell was installed to control the decent.

*October 30th 1874, Further upgrading of the walls of New Babbage though Tesla cannons and improved clockwork soldiers.

*January, 1880:: Mayor Sprocket takes office.

*February, 1882: Mayor Tenk becomes first mayor chosen by popular election.

A caution for sticklers, it will always be 1880something in New Babbage.

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