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Steampunk Park

This page was provided by the current owner of Steampunk park (2020) and is missing information.  Corrections and additions can be notified to Lady Toby or Wiki contributors.

Written by Toby Finchy De’Borel 

If you want story, sadly there was a severe lack from before my time here, however I do have some photos and my own assumptions. I’ve been told the park dates back to ((2007)) and was first held by an urchin, name unremembered, nor how long the urchin had the park. There was no mention whether it originated with the name Steampunk Park or not, until learned otherwise I shall assume it was.

The oldest photo I could find dates ((2011)). From what I gathered there was a scavenger hunt of sorts. People looked at the photos and either knew, or hunted out, where the photo was taken. Number sixteen was Steampunk Park…or from what I see, a cavern under Steampunk Park.


It appears to be a cavern, where else but under? Today there is no “under.” The cavern more than likely lost to flooding, no entrance to be found, and digging has been a no go. I could not figure the owner of the image to ask for permission or know who to credit. Please inform me if further credit needs to be noted, or the picture removed.

The next two photos are from ((2012)). Taken by Wildstar Beaumont. I double checked, but these two were the oldest of the park that I found in his collection. I believe the only two I found period. But I am prone to overlooking things.

My next finding was the first, and only, mention of the park in a story that I came across after several hours of searching archives. ((2013)) The Steam Hare sets fire to a wall of bushes surrounding the park. What became of that, your guess is as good as mine, however the rest of the story may interest. (( ))

This one I found from Steadman Kondor dated ((2015)). It’s titled “Steampunk Park Revitilization Project”, of which I have no information on further than that. At some point between the previous set of photos and this one the trees seemed to have taken over.

There was a second later that year from another, however I could not get it to show up here.

Lastly, for my list of historical information I found a mention at a Town Hall meeting, Autumn ((2016)). Dr. Evelyn Heim-Vögtlin is noted as the fourth caretaker of the park. The first actual name I have come across in my search, the previous three caretakers still unknown to me. Dr. Heim-Vögtli was asking for historic images of the park and new items to refurbish the lot and Halloween decorations. I do not know if she ever received an answer or not. I do believe though they were the last to have Steampunk Park before I, unless wrong that puts me as the fifth caretaker, and as long as I am breathing and able I plan to be the last.

There was a photo from that year that showed the park almost as it was when I acquired it, however when I went to retrieve the source of the photo it had been removed. It is saved to my own archives, however I did not feel right adding it here with the source being erased. It’s assumed the owner of the photo wanted it gone and so it is.


Now I sit here on a park bench with journal and pen, overlooking my work proudly. The list of things I am truly proud of is short. My name listed as owner of this park, the length I’ve had her, and the work done, is very near the top of that list. If not at the very top. Over three quarters of my first year in Babbage were spent here. Even though I haunt other places more frequently now, she is still my home.

There has been some story here since she became mine. Some fleeting and some I’d rather forget ever happened at all. Some tidbits may find their way into a later posting. For now I finish with today.

The flower beds have been redone. Not only redone actualy. Some have been added, some taken out. The walls have been torn down and replaced. No longer grey stone, they are now done in brown bricks. I find the park looks better with the brown background. The grey took something away I believe. The walls and paths have been realigned. Things were not quite lined up before, not to my liking anyway. Something that was put off for too long. The paths have also been changed. They now match the sidewalks surrounding the lot.

The carousal has been refitted with new animals. The last one having only brown horses, now it has several different creatures in lovely colors. My favorite of the six are the goat and rabbit. There are plans to change the paintings on the carousal, but at a later date.

The greenhouse is gone, however for those of you partial to the strawberries, there are still some growing this year not far from where the greenhouse stood. You will find fewer roses this year, there are some, but the ones around the middle circle have been replaced by two flowerbeds done up as close as I could get to the Babbage Shield. It was not the easiest of tasks actually, not as easy as thought it would be when started. But perhaps that makes the work all that more worthwhile.

The corner building remains. It’s current inhabitant, Lunette Shore, keeps the carousal running smoothly and will be working on that poor clockwork bird in the upcoming months.

The park has also undergone a name change. I had intended leaving the name as is, however the lack of history dampened my attachment to the name. Thus allowing my previous reasons for wanting to alter it overshadow the one that was keeping me from it. She is now called Finchy~Wilde Gardens. A ‘formerly’ tacked on, for those who’s tongues do not like change, for easy finding, and perhaps a bit of nostalgia.


Finchy~Wilde Gardens (formerly: Steampunk Park) February 10th 2020

Final note or two, I would like more posters for the outsides of the garden walls. If anyone is interested in putting theirs up or would like one made for their business or whathaveyous, please do let me know. I am also interested in any comments, suggestions, or stories relating to the park. Anything anyone would like to share.

I would also like to hold dances or gatherings perhaps once a month or so during the warmer months, if anyone is interested in such a thing. Suggestions on days and timings would be most appreciated, or even comments on “fors” or “againsts”.

I do hope others find some enjoyment from the park and what has become of her as much as I have enjoyed her and making her into what she is today.

Have a wonderful day and take care.

~Toby de’ Borel

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