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Softpaw Sommer

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Softpaw is a fairy cat…duh! Her fur is cream colored, hair red, eyes green and wings are black, pink, purple and blue.

She’s clearly not the same kind of Fae that Mara is. Or even from the same kingdom.

Her stated age varies on what she feels like saying it is, but she’s really 134 years old.

She doesn’t live in New Babbage, just runs the Tea house. Her home is in a fairy realm that you can get to via the portal behind the tea house.

She’s married to a red Fire dragon that fancy’s himself a bit of an Indiana Jones type. He’s not around much due to working on his vast treasure hoard. His name is Adar, He’s got an anthro form that some have met him in, and a large dragon form. In ALL forms he wears a fedora. ((My husbands computer and Secondlife are not getting along and wont till he gets a new graphics card))

She doesn’t STAY in the magical realms due to simple boredom. And human realms are FAR more fascinating to her then most of the magical ones.

Sometimes her clothing is a bit..odd, compared to what is normal in Babbage. But it is always super high quality, made from silks and satins and covered in real gemstones.

The food in the tea house is always free.

The majority of her magical abilities are nature based and lean towards silly things like making butterflies swarm around someone. She has some healing skill, but has issues healing herself. She also has a few defensive spells. No attack spells, but she recently picked up a staff that has some attack spells in it.

If her wings are damaged she can’t feel it.

Her husband gave her a spell that lets her turn into a pink dragon of varying sizes and shapes. normally only used when pissed.

She can also turn into a small winged cat and a winged liger. And when in water the wings vanish and she turns into a mer cat ((make catfish jokes here if you will))

She always smells of roses.

She’s got a sparkly magic pouch she can pull things out of ala Mary Poppins’s carpet bag.

Her voice has been compared to musical chimes. ((thank you Moses!))

She tries not to get to silly and as she puts it “let the fairy out” while in human realms. Some have been about her when she has. The longer she’s out and about in them the more comfortable she’ll get and the more often it will come out.

That said..shes both feline and Fairy, This can lead to all SORTS of mischievous fun.

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