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Skyler Gant’s Second Statement

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”’Me Statement to the Militia Part Two ((Murder Mystery Part II))”’

Posted by Skyler ‘Artful Dodger’ Gant on December 4, 2009 at 4:56pm

((A note is left on Wiggy Undertone’s desk, the handwriting, written in what appears to be ink from a Quill Pen, so sloppy, so illegible, that it is quite difficult to read, some words misspelled, letters written backwards. The parchment it is written on is wrinkled, rolled into a sloppy tube and tied with what appears to be nothing more than packing string.))

Dear whoever reads this, maybe Mr. Wacky Underwear or whatever your name is,

As you read this, I’m sitting in a warm room safely hidden by someone who’s name I dare not say for their sake. Still swearing as I did the day I was accused that I am innocent. I didn’t kill anyone and whoever reads this, save for Mr. Wacky Underwear, knows that to be true. Aye, I do have reason to kill him, those who know by now already know he killed and beat many of us Urchins, including me and…sadly, my best mate Timothy McNeal, who he said was dead, that bought back painful memories indeed.

I saw Mr. DeFaw, why I am calling a coward who killed and beat kids in cold blood a Mister I will never know, brutally beat my mate, along with the cook Ms. Helen Jaggernot, simply because he was hungry, as was I, and we both snuck down to the kitchen, unknowing that the two were talking in there, to get us some food, only to be met by the sound of them already knowing one, or more, of the Urchins snuck out of the room.

I ran, I hid like a coward under the dark stairs as I watched DeFaw coming through the door, with the ugly Ms. Jaggernot, her dark brown hair so messy it looked like a Lions Mane, her teeth so yellow they appeared caked in caramel, to this day I don’t eat Caramel for that reason, her dark brown eyes so filled with hate and anger they made her look like the Devil’s Bride, and Mr. DeFaw, his dark, greased back, long black hair tied so tightly into a tail one swore his hair would simply fall out, his cold brown, near black, eyes flashed with anger.

He was very well dressed, wearing his favourite pair of shoes, the black pair of shoes with the card symbol, the one that looks like an upside down heart with the stick sticking out of it, on the sides, and bottom of the shoe. He looked wealthy, and was… he pocketed the money that should be going to the Orphanage sir, he was evil. How do I know? All Urchins know of his misdeeds, he loved bragging about them to Ms. Jaggernot, he even gave her some of the cash for helping him.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, he beat my mate to death, along with Ms Jaggernot who seemed as happy as a kid in a sweet shoppe, until blood gushed out of me mates mouth. The beat him with whatever object they could find Mr. Underwear, and buried him in a shallow grave out back. Right next to one more. I think there could be plenty more graves with countless other kids buried in them all over the Orphanage Grounds, as DeFaw was quite evil.

Sir, if you think about it, any of us Urchins who knew DeFaw would have a very good reason to kill him, like I said, even I do. But you should be looking for the real killer, the person behind the third set of footprints, one who I think is an Urchin, one who may have known DeFaw well, and hated him like I did, and half of Caledon did. Mr. Underwear, why look for me, when the main person you should be looking for is still out there?

I admit, I did wrong by escaping your jail. But really, as warm as it was, I had to get out… and I thank nameless person for leaving the explosives under the floorboards, that did come in handy for my escape Mr. Underwear, sir. Now, I am hiding with a very nice person, and if you try searching for me, keep in mind one thing…nearly ALL of New Babbage thinks I am innocent, those people would gladly keep a lad like me hidden from the likes of you and those who wish to lock me up for no reason other than “He’s guilty.” You are busy looking for me, thinking the blood on my right Coat and shirt sleeve, as well as my shirt and trousers links me to the crime. My good bloke, I can explain that.

As I was walking away, I heard a scream so awful it sent chills down me spine. I turned around and saw DeFaw laying on the ground, still alive, barely, with blood gushing out his head from a deep cut. I walked over to him and knelt down, grabbing his head and resting it on me good arm, the blood dripping onto my sleeve, my shirt and jacket, explained by me chest resting on the wound, and trousers, the blood dripping onto it, see? I am innocent.

Of course I did whisper one thing to him, leaning close enough to whisper in his ear as his eyes slowly closed, his eyes resting on me all the while, and said “You disserved this, Mr. DeFaw. I hope it hurt you. I hope you suffer like you made all of us Suffer. I hope you BURN in HELL, you evil asshole.” Me exact words, word for word, Mr. Underwear. After that, I ran to the Militia Headquarters, having followed what I think were Gilhooly Skute’s footprints in the snow, and there I ran into you and him, apparently looking like an utter loon, all bloody and out of breath, and there, you locked me up thinking I was the killer. I do hope you FIND the real killer Mr. Underwear, sir, so I can go about as I once did, and try finding out who I am, curse this Amnesia.


Artful Dodger, Skyler Gant.

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