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Skyler Gant

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Skyler Gant was born nine years ago in Tla’dram to Emperor Thadeus L’engel and Empress Vivian L’Engel and raised for a year as Archduke Byron Archer Gant L’Engel, Born Third Male to the House of Multaro. He was the youngest of five kids, Four Daughters and him… the boy. Life seemed perfect until Skyler was a year old when the royal family was all killed by the Order, a group of rebels who took over the kingdom of Tla’dram. Sensing danger to the youngster, Empress Vivian’s second lady in waiting, also a Fae, took the young Archduke, who she renamed Skyler Elijah Gant, to the city of Victoria City, Caledon and placed him in the Orphanage in the town, promising to watch over the young boy and keep him safe. Skyler grew up, however, being beaten everyday by the staff of the Orphanage, and the staff of the Workhouse.

Isabelle was well aware of this, and requested he work for her as often as she could, providing him with a warm meal and a bed to sleep in, should she have requested him for more than one day. Finally, as Skyler reached the age of 9, Isabelle hatched a plan… she would help him escape… with the help of another Fae, a much older one than her, friend…Jasmine… who lived deep in the forest. Isabelle helped Skyler escape, leading him to the safety of the woods at night, when everyone was sleeping…including the armed guard of the Orphanage, and informed him to continue running… do not stop for anyone, unless you trust them, and remain on the path, do not go off the path for nothing. Of course he listened, and eventually found Jasmine, finding her to be a nice old woman, which she was. She lead him inside and provided him with food and a place to sleep for the night, giving him food and a new pair of shoes the next morning and telling him to head to New Babbage. Skyler listened and eventually found himself following train tracks, where he was stopped by a nice woman who gave him a fresh pair of clothes, food, and a jacket, which he never takes off.

Things have gotten testy for young Skyler over these past few months he has resided in New Babbage, even finding out he was part Fae, and that someone knew his Father and family, and his real name. He was Kidnapped, he found out he was able to breath underwater, so much has happened to him… and yet so much more will happen to the young boy.

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