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Serafina Puchkina

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Head librarian at the R.F.Burton Library, proprietor of the Veitch Greenhouse, and co-host of the Aether Salon (10/08 to 8/11).

She is also the head of the New Babbage Fire Brigaide.

Backstory: Sent from her native country to get a university education, Serafina escaped her family’s violent political fate. Alone, pursued by unknown assassins, Serafina found refuge first in Caledon with a benevolent warrior and gentleman who taught her how to survive. One evening while exploring, Serafina chanced upon a group standing on a street in New Babbage. This group of citizens welcomed her, and thus Serafina found her new home.

Personality: A fiercely independent, loyal, and friendly suffragette. Serafina’s heroes are Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Nellie Bly, and Sarah Bernhardt.

Doc O’s unwritten rules state that one must have a character quirk. She considers her constant book reading and her beloved bow to be normal aspects of her person and certainly not quirks. After long thought, Serafina has decided that immodest curiosity is her quirk.

Profile: Serafina Puchina

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