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Sarah ("Sparrow") Donogal

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Penelope Strathearn.

I’ve heard they’re nice to urchins ’round New Babbage. Kids hear things, y’know. There’s, like, food and stuff here. Not that I need grown-ups for nothin’, but I guess some’s all right. Them as are nice to kids and all. As for the steampunk stuff, well, my daddy was a scientist (not mad or anything, just a little bit unhinged) ’til he blew himself up by accident, and my mam was one too ’til that air kraken et her, so I guess you could say that sort of thing runs in my blood. ‘Sides, there’s some dude ’round here sells PIE GUNS!!! What’s not to love ’bout a place that ‘llows goin’s-on like that?

Not much else to say ’bout myself. I mean, I’m just a kid, right? Just the normal stuff. Raised by loving parents until Daddy blew up his lab one morning trying to get stuff right on his Chronological Age Transmogrifier gizmo. That made Mam and me right upset, so we lit outta Arkham so’s Mam could grieve in peace on our airship. We traveled the whole wide grid for a year or so after that, so’s Mam could study the migratory patterns of the air kraken. She studied ’em a bit too closely, I reckon, and one day one of ’em took it into its head to study her back.

That left me mostly alone in the world, ‘cept for Great-Aunt Constance, who don’t like kids much, but she liked my ‘heritance well enough to go spending it all. Not that my folks was rich or anything before, but I was well ’nuff off, I
s’pose, ‘fore the ol’ hag went through it. So I lit outta there. Went and stowed
myself away on a ship–how was I to know they was pirates? They wasn’t nice at all when they found me, and put me to cookin’ and swabbin’ the deck and all sorts of stuff that wasn’t the least bit fun, but one of the gang had a kid my age at some port or ‘nuther and took a bit of pity on me, so one night when it was really dark, he strapped a pack on me and shoved me out the hatch. (Um, did I mention they was airship pirates? That was scary!) Since then, I’m a bit wary of big folks, since I’ve learned not all of ’em are nice to kids, but if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice right back. I’m a little shy, but not so much around other urchins like me, ‘cuz I figure we all have stuff in common and we gotta stick together.

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