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Rafael Fabre

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

Dr. Rafael Fabre is a resident of Wheatstone Waterways, in the City-State of New Babbage.

==New Babbage Locations==

One of the original investors in New Babbage, RL circumstances required the relinquishing of the SE parcel of New Babbage Square. In Mid 2007, he acquired a lot in Port Babbage where he ran a small flag texture and militaria store named “The Quarter Deck”. After approximately six months, a transition to a plot outside the walls of the New Babbage Palisades was in order, followed by a relocation to a small plot by the New Babbage Palisades train station.

After a disagreement with the previous management of New Babbage in mid 2008 and a temporary relocation to Antiquity, he returned to Wheatstone Waterways in New Babbage, where he currently resides at the Wheatstone Waterways Aetherport.

==The Heliograph==

Dr. Fabre is the editor of the Heliograph, a blog specializing in Steampunk since May of 2007, first focusing on Second Life (SL) Steampunk, but later expanding into Real Life (RL) Steampunk topics. Currently, it is one of the longest running Steampunk blogs (RL & SL) on the internet, approaching 250k hits as of the original writing. Unfortunately, the Heliograph is no longer available.

==The New Babbage Ning==
The originator of the New Babbage Ning, which he was the moderator until mid 2008, reliquinishing the reins to Miss Ceejay Writer. He performed backup administrative duties when required until the ning was replaced.

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