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Private Journal 04.09.18xx

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==Initial Post==

(Posted by Queer Hermit on April 8, 2010 at 11:54pm)

”Private journal entry but feel free to comment”

I arrived home from a self-guided tour of the hospital. I had heard so much about it from Lia that I just needed to see it for myself. It is quite nicely laid out but really should have a landing area on the roof where aero-ships of mercy could land and discharge their patients. Just think of how the survival rate of the critically injured citizens could improve!! Perhaps we need a Hospital Ball to assist the staff in purchasing and placing improvements in the facility. I could see where quite a few adventures and role plays could be done.

When I returned to the Arms I found one of my pigeons had returned from the temple! Now this is very odd as pigeons only know one way of the trip and usually can not be trained to learn both paths. Then I noticed that the pigeon was striking heroic poses as best as it could. Father…only he would entrance a pigeon to instruct it to fly back to where it started! I quickly brought the pigeon out of the trance, removed the letter from its leg, and gently returned the bird to its cage along with a supply of water and feed.

I unrolled the letter and sure enough it was from Father to his little girl!! I took turns smiling and crying as I read and re-read the contents. I then pasted it in my journal so that I will always have it to read when I get lonely and start to miss him.

Dearest Iyou;

Ogenki desu ka? I am doing well and had stopped by the temple just as your bird arrived. The monks and I puzzled over your questions while drinking many cups of a fine sake. Yes, it was warmed up also just as we like it.

Totemo koufun shitiru yo concerning your talking with spirits. The senior monk was surprised that talent awoken in you so quickly, it normally takes a couple of years. But then you were the most impressive shrine maiden he ever had. Your success has him strutting about the temple like a ondori in the morning. Be careful in your sessions and always look at your notes when you have a question.

The baba you speak of, Mrs Barry, is something we do not understand at all. Once a spirit has gone to its place of repose that should be the end of the journal in this space. This device you speak of which belongs to the Footman person is unnatural and should be removed. I have no ideas to offer and even your katana, while enchanted by the powers of our clan, might be of no use it you in this matter. Saa dou kana, perhaps this Somerset can help you. He placed the binding, maybe you two can work a fusion of your talents.

You are correct about the FunayĆ«rei as you must be in contact with a water spirit to even hope to contact him. You will be surprised about how far you can send the invocation, thoughts travel much further in water just like ordinary sounds. Phrase it in a manner that would interest a man. Since he was in the kaigun of his nation try making more like a command than a plea. Sailors understand command unlike your Father who is his own man. Stop laughing at that…because I know you are giggling like a little miko getting caught in the sweets jar.

Be a brave kunoichi, make the clan proud Iyou.

Kibou o motte !!


Oh Father, I shall do everything in my power to bring honor to you, the clan, and the temple !!!


*Comment by Zachary Somerset on April 9, 2010 at 10:17am
((I suspect the answer might lie in figuring out why Mr. Footman’s device keeps switching itself back on even when turned off, and finding a way to shut it down permanently. Or, at the very least, long enough for Mrs. Barry and any other spirits who wish to do so to escape its influence. Unless the wards are gravely malfunctioning–which I’ll check for–they shouldn’t be keeping the spirits from returning to their repose at all. They’re only designed to keep them from roaming freely here in the material plane of existence. But then again, whatever is behind the Old Quarter walls sometimes wreaks havoc with arcane workings here in Babbage. I’ll have another look next time I’m down there.))

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