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New Babbage Love Song

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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”’New Babbage Love Song”’

”(To the melody of The Wind That Shakes The Barley)”

I sat within the city gate

I sat me with a new love

My heart it mourned, the hour was late

He was the one I’d dreamed of

I listened to his strong heart beat

I felt it in my bones,

While soft the rain fell on the street

And washed clean dusty stones

He wanted me to come with him,

To take me far and wander,

‘Twas hard the sad words to begin

And stay where I was fonder

And so I said, “The city gate

Encloses my true home,”

As soft the rain fell on the slate

And washed clean dusty stones

Forlorn he kissed away my tears

My fond arms ’round him flinging

The signal bell burst on our ears,

From on the airship ringing

My new love fled from by my side

And left me here to moan

Within my breast a bright wish died

As rain cleaned dusty stones

I watched the ship cast off her ropes

And break her earthly fetters

I saw her carry off my hopes

my future now in letters

I once found love within the gate

Of Babbage as she drones

‘Twas nothing left to do but wait

As rain cleaned dusty stones

A fortnight passed before I heard

The grim news of his dying

An urchin whispered out the word

Of where the corpse was lying,

Around his grave I wander drear

A dirge my soul intones

And only Babbage holds me near

As rain cleans dusty stones

-Junie Ginsburg



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