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New Babbage Chowder

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New Babbage Chowder is a canned soup that is an export of the City-State of New Babbage.

The distinctive ingredient of New Babbage chowder is the wiggyfish, a large bottom feeding fish with a lantern-like appendage emerging from the top of its head. In the depths of the Vernian Sea, the fish can grow to enormous proportions. The wiggyfish swims into the shallow urban canals to spawn and has been known to attack pedestrians standing near along the edge.

Wiggyfish is generally considered unpalatable. Native New Babbagers, however, consider the green, bitter flesh a national delicacy. This is probably due to the fact that many Babbagers are introduced to it during childhood. Occasionally, when a monster is caught, wiggyfish becomes cheap and plentiful. As such, it is served in a thin, oily chowder in many workhouses, orphanages, and soup kitchens. Some doctors attribute the robust health and vigor of the New Babbage street urchins to regular consumption of wiggyfish chowder.

Clockwinder Tenk enjoys serving wiggyfish to out of town guests at diplomatic functions.

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