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Nathaniel Lorefield

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No one knows quite where little Nate came from, but that’s not really important. At the age of 10 he was apprenticed to an engineer on a steamer from the mainland. During this short engagement he gained many of his varied technical skills. When the ship wintered in New Babbage the city quickly captured him under it’s spell and he found he couldn’t help but stay. He’s found his place among the citizens of this town as a handyman…er…handy-urchin. Nate can’t stand rudeness but is glad to offer his assistance so long as you ask nicely. He’s quick to laugh and joke, but cross one of his friends and he’ll be among the first to take revenge.

Nate is a prolific builder and is often seen driving his latest invention around town, offering rides to anyone brave enough to board his untested equipment.

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