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Mysteriouse Mage, Part 6: The Launch

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(Posted by Marit Static on April 14, 2010 at 5:37pm)

As I have been working on the rocket, i noticed a design flaw…the rocket wouldnt work as it didnt have enough space for fuel, so i had to remove most of the compartment for cargo, and add 2 more boosters on the sides to get it off the ground.

I have selected a crew also, to be named later should we survive…and we will be keeping a journal of happenings on board. we will be departing Friday of this week, before 1pm slt.

I have yet to find an explanation for Kain and Abaddons sudden dissapearance and/or demise, yet i remain open minded,

lastly, i had an interesting conversation with miss Heinrichs (my apoligies for maybe mispelling this) about having not seen or heard from abaddon since a few weeks ago…about the time i found his home messed up.

I will wright tomorrow maybe, but for now i must rest prior to searching for equipment…

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