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Morgan Beckett

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Morgan Beckett was born July 04, 185#, in Bromley Court, a wealthy borough in the City State of New Babbage, the eldest of three sons. His father was a lawyer, a judge and, for 31 years, a Magistrate and chair of the Babbage Naval Affairs Committee during two different administrations.

Beckett attended Stonegate University, a secondary school popular with sons of upper-class Bromley families. A Stonegate athlete, he became captain of its cricket and rugby team. And against the wishes of his father, he left school 38 days before his seventeenth birthday to enlist in the New Babbage Naval Marine Detachment during the onset of the War of Sklakian Ambitions. Nevertheless, Stonegate awarded him his diploma on June 6, 187#, before the end of his final year; his transcript stated he completed the Politic Course “with Credit”.

In the anti-Sklakian war fever of 188#, Beckett lied about his age to enlist as a Marine private. He trained in Clockhaven, at the Marine Barracks within the New Babbage Naval Station. In July 188#, he went to Roliça, an island in the Lesser Caribb Isles (Sklakian Colonies), arriving shortly before its invasion and capture.

During the morning of July 14, 188#, Companies “C” and “D” of Lt. Col Hubert W. Roberton’s 3rdMarine Battalion moved through the highlands to seize Alcobaça’s Well, the main water supply for the Sklakian garrison at Mondego Keep, Roliça. The NBNS Dolphin (PG-42) moved east along the shore ready to furnish naval gunfire support upon call. The Sklakian forces soon discovered the movement and their main body near the well was alerted. The Marines occupied a sharp hill which overlooked the enemy’s position, but were immediately subjected to heavy long-range rifle fire. Captain F. George Elliott, who had succeeded to command of the Marine Detachment, signaled the Dolphinto shell the Sklakian position; but because the sender was not clearly visible, the message was misinterpreted, and the vessel began dropping shells on a small detachment of Marines who were en route to join the fight. The problem of directing the fire of the NBNS Dolphin was solved by (newly promoted) Corporal Beckett who heroically placed himself in plain sight of the vessel, but in danger of falling shells as well as a brisk enemy fire, and signaled for the bombardment to be stopped.

When Corporal Beckett finished this message, the ship answered. Beckett then picked up his rifle and resumed his place on the firing line. The Dolphin shifted her fire and by 2:00 p.m. the Sklakian forces had begun to retreat. For his gallant and selfless conduct during this action, Beckett received his first Medal of Honor and a meritorious promotion to Sergeant of Marines.

When the occupation of the lesser Sklakian colonies had ceased, SGT Beckett’s company soon returned to New Babbage and after a short break, he was assigned to the armored cruiser NBNS Scorpion for four months. Briefly, he returned home to be mustered out of service in February 188#, but in April of the same year, Beckett accepted a commission as a second lieutenant in the New Babbage Marines – Expeditionary Forces.

The Marine Detachment now assigned him to the 2ndBattalion, 1st Regiment, New Babbage Expeditionary Forces, stationed aboard the NBNS Sedgwick Dagger.In October 188#, the 2nd/1st was dispatched to again to the Tinder Isles to quell a local uprising, which threatened not just a vital Babbage coal reserve station, but general stability within the larger Selduran Archipelago. 2nd LT Beckett saw combat action again when he led 300 Marines to take the tiny capital of Noveleta, from Selduran rebels known as Ostinatos. In the initial moments of the assault, 2nd LT Beckett’s first sergeant was wounded. Beckett briefly withdrew, but quickly regained his position and then led his Marines in pursuit of the fleeing enemy. By noon the Marines had dispersed the rebels and retaken the capital. One Marine had been killed and ten were wounded. Another 50 Marines had been incapacitated by the humid tropical heat.

After the excitement of this combat, garrison duty within the archipelago became routine. Beckett grew restless, and making no effort to hide his unhappiness, unwittingly shared his frustration with Major Horatio Waller, the newly appointed Commanding Officer of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment. Of a like mind and seeking further adventure, Waller became fast friends with Beckett. Once Waller officially received command of the 3rd/1st, he was allowed to select five officers to take with him; one of his choices was 2nd LT Beckett. Fortune favored the choice. No sooner had they assumed their places in the 3rd/1st, orders were received sending the majority of the 1st Regiment to Pendul’ur aboard the NBNS Coil to help put down the Clockwork Rebellion.

Once in Pendul’ur, Beckett was initially deployed at Castlereagh. He took part in the Battle of Stop Wheel Pass on January 13, 188#. When he saw another Marine officer fall wounded, he climbed out of a trench to rescue him. Beckett was then himself shot in the thigh, before being engaged in a vicious close quarters combat with advancing Automatons. 2ndLT Beckett, after exhausting his pistol ammunition, recovered an empty rifle (which he used much like a cricket bat) from a fallen foe and continued his fight, desperate to rescue his fellow officer. He valiantly repelled two more assaults, suffering additional wounds (including a bayonet wound to the face which nearly resulted in the loss of his left eye and has left him permanently scarred), before another Marine helped him get to safety. That Marine was also shot. Despite his many wounds, Beckett recovered the wounded officer and fallen Marine, assisting them to the rear. Four enlisted men would receive the Medal of Honor in the battle. Beckett’s commanding officer, Major Waller, personally commended him and wrote that “for such reward as you may deem proper the following officer: Lieutenant Morgan C. Beckett, for the admirable control of his men in all the fights of the week, for saving two wounded men at incredible risk of his own life, under duress of significant bodily injury, and under a very severe fire.” Unfortunately, at that time commissioned officers were not then eligible to receive the Medal of Honor, and Beckett instead received a promotion to 1st Lieutenant by brevet while he recovered in the hospital, two weeks before his nineteenth birthday.

Once recovered, Beckett returned to service in the field where after several more engagements with the Automatons, he was wounded again, this time in the chest at the Battle of Tjeco’s Crown; the bullet reportedly clipping part of left lung. Because of his record in Pendul’ur, Beckett became eligible for the Marine Detachment’s Brevet Medal, and is currently one of only six Marines to have received it. His service also forced the New Babbage Navy, under Commodore Jedburgh Dagger to reconsider their restriction against awarding Marine officers the Medal of Honor (It was of Commodore Dagger’s opinion that officers, especially among her Marines, were required to behave in a manner consistent with the qualities held by the medal – and so they should not be rewarded for doing their duty. 1st LT Beckett’s service demonstrated that even an officer’s duty could be exceeded and therefore required appropriate recognition.) So upon his return to New Babbage, for convalescence, 1st LT Beckett was awarded his second Medal of Honor and reassignment to the New Babbage Naval Station as Commander, New Babbage Naval Marine Detachment (Home Station Element).

During his tenure commanding the NBNMD, 1st LT Beckett has led his Marines on two very successful Relief/Resupply/Rescue missions to New Toulouse and worked tirelessly to renovate the Marine Barracks in Clockhaven, where his career began. For his selfless service, abroad and at home, in the name and for the honor of New Babbage, 1st LT Morgan Beckett was selected for promotion by the Clockwinder to the rank of Captain and placed in command of the 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, New Babbage Expeditionary Forces. Captain Beckett has sworn to use his position to strengthen the City State and to bring honor and glory to the fine citizens of New Babbage.

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