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The Mars build was a designer sim created for the 2009 Relay For Life. Reitsuki Kojima, lead builder and designer.

It portrayed Port St. Christopher, a sustainable colony on the red planet, with a domed habitat and work areas outside the dome with a rocket ship, a mining operation, and a solar power station. The track went through the habitat and was protected from the outer atmosphere. The lighting change illusion at the sim crossing made one feel as if another world had been entered. At the close of the build, the Red Rum Cave pub was selected to be a permanent installation in Clockhaven. The ceiling was raised and the interior redesigned to what you will find today.

Kaylee Frye, Reitsuki Kojima, Mosseveno Tenk, Saffia Widdershins on rollback weekend

Kaylee Frye, Saffia Widdershins, Mosseveno Tenk, Reitsuki Kojima on rollback weekend

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