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An entry in Lo Pixie Artful’s diary, having been apprenticed to Nightshade Sixpence after Underby’s demise.

September 25th, 188x

mister six has abandoned me on an island, surrounded by bats! he says it is for my magickal training… tho’ i rather think he has put me out of harm’s way, as i am quite sure he disapproves of me, gil’ and skyler invoking spirits in mr yo’s flat. i shall have to transform myself into an owl, and eat moths.

”… Later,….”

October 1, 188x

mr nightshade has brought me back to babbage from the island. luckily kane taught me to cook fish over a fire, or i might have starved there! now i must ponder a riddle, that i might complete this part of my training. i feel bolder of heart now, and a little wiser.

i will need to be so, i suspect. pip visited the island while i was there. he appears very different now, almost… ghoulish!… and he told me disturbing news of yo… said he followed mr six while the rat scattered mr yo’s parts all over babbage. he tells there’s a way yo may return… that he seeks vengeance… i’m frightened.

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