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Mariah Lanfier

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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Mariah Lanfier was born in New Babbage around 60 years ago. When her family was killed in the Great Fire, she spent several months as a street urchin, before joining the crew of the smuggling ship ‘Mary Rose.’ She quickly rose through the ranks of the crew, gaining the captaincy of the ship sooner than anyone, even herself, thought would happen. As captain, she successfully operated her smuggling operations throughout many of the Steamlands, including New Babbage, Armada, and Caledon.

Mariah was, indeed, successful enough to reach the point of retirement, something few smuggling captains managed, most being not able to save up enough money… or remain alive. Mariah’s success entitled her to become a mentor of sorts to other smuggling captains; she would be an information clearinghouse, a keeper of secrets, an arbitor between other captains. She had to do this, though, in an area where she had not operated herself, to avoid favoratism–or vengeance–against other captains she knew too well.

Thus, she found herself on the east coast of America, first in New York, then Boston. It was in Boston that Mariah met the parents of Bookworm Hienrichs, when they came to her defense against scurrilous (and not-so-scurrilous) rumors being spread about her by a disgruntled captain. From that, she struck up an unlikely friendship with Mr. and Mrs. Hienrichs. When Bookworm’s parents asked her to get Bookworm out of New Babbage during Obolenskidonia, she was not slow to oblige them.

Over time, she began training Bookworm Hienrichs in fighting and firearms, to aid her in her militia work. Eventually, she moved to New Babbage, buying a house in Wheatstone Waterway, which she opened to Bookworm.


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