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May 22, 188x

dear diary,

well… i am quite where i started, it may seem. an apprentice once more, only this time to my mother. she has begun calling me darling, but can only say it after taking a deep breath and through rather a tense smile… she does seem very different tho’… kinder, more motherly… almost. tho’ she will not tell me whom her customers are, nor of her recipes. and tho’ she has noted my curiosity, she has threatened me only once with a rather awful punishment, should my loyalty be called into question.

and whom may one trust if one can not trust those closest to one’s confidence? i mean… can stormy quite trust professor helio?.. i told stormy that the professor was chatting about some sort of tea with mother at the cocoa java not long ago… i do not know what came of that… but perhaps stormy may trust me, rather. is that wise?

i mean, folk may be clumsy, as i have been, and quite ruin well-laid plans, rather. or worse… folk are awfully prone to being quite insincere! underby told a gentleman whom cyan and i met at the pub, a gentleman called mister helix, that he was advisor to the mayor! i ask you… what exactly may one make of that!

and mother said to me while she was teaching me to knead dough, “have you seen your father about? what a sneaky beast he is…” and i said, “o, i heard from a gentleman he has back, rather, you do mean my stepfather, don’t you?..” and she smiled, smirked rather, and said, “o, him!, he would be a sight for sore eyes… never mind, child, i was being glib…” i do wonder what she meant! and whom!

and at the back of my mind, always, is happily running through the streets of dear new babbage with gilhooly, as i might do otherwise… have i chosen wisely?

there is so much i have to find out about! i shall have to keep you hidden, little diary, in case someone may be wondering what it is i am up to…


Tepic Harlequin commented
the good baker kneads the dough for the dough he (or she..) needs! sometimes Lo, tis better to trust the stranger than those who are closest to us, who might be stranger still…

Skyler ‘Artful Dodger’ Gant commented
I say…trust no one but yerself Lo. Simple as that. And your friends, of course.

Gabriell Anatra commented
I suspect it may not matter. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Sometimes it can be hard to discern a difference.

Mara Razor commented
Remember Dear One – there is always a warm safe place for you at the mill.

LoPixie Artful commented
thanks awfully!… :) i do trust, and am always loyal to my friends, rather… and i am loyal to babbage, of course!… but then one ought to be loyal to one’s family too, oughtn’t one?… which does put one in rather a bind…

Zaida Marie Thibideaux Gearbox commented
Ramoo say dat chilrun don’t always belong to de people who made dem. Dey belongs to de people who love dem an’ take care of dem. Imma not knowing you long, Lo, but Imma not seeing your Mamma taking care of you an’ I fo’sure don’t see her lovin’ you. Ah don’t tink her knows how to love.

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